May 28, 2022

10 thoughts on “🇲🇱 #Mali Sanctioned by #ECOWAS

  1. ECOWAS is a spineless body!! What is happening in Mali is our right!
    Instead of hearing what the Malian emancipation against France 🇫🇷, their infringement in our country and our rights that have been heavily exploited!!!
    2nechi pls cover the mass protest that Malians did in Bamako in masses. The Tuareg have shown full support to Assimi Goita! The whole of Azawad is behind us!
    Malians have never been this United!!!
    Vivre le Mali 🇲🇱

  2. These sanctions are purely to defend French interests in West Africa. ECOWAS has welcomed illegal third term in Ivory Coast and a military regime in Chad. These sanctions are backed by the EU and France because Mali is cutting ties with France and turning to Russia for help. As a Malian, we cannot have elections when half of our territory is occupied this would not be legitimate elections. Where was ECOWAS when my people were being murdered for the past ten years? #NoToNeocolonialism

  3. No more military rules. We can't keep allowing these military coupes anymore. We need decentralized power and people having the power the norm note anomalies.

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