October 20, 2021

41 thoughts on “💘Scorpio They’re about to have a big argument with their person over-cheating or black magic

  1. My intuition tells me there's another person on the side. I have no way of telling this as we are no longer in contact. Truth is, I'd rather not know anymore. I mean –what for? I know it will just weigh me down. Yes, it is an intense, deep connection. We both knew that from the start. But the way things ended caused me so much pain that made me numb eventually. I still feel for this person deeply and I could still feel we're still very much connected energetically. I've always chosen him every single day before. Now I am choosing myself. I choose to walk away from the pain and surrender and let the universe lead the way. For what is meant for you, will never pass you by. If it's meant to be, it's meant to be. <3 Love and light to everyone.

  2. this read resonates a whole alot . yep she gets alot of money from him yep and iam doing well for myself wow !! you right alot ego and pride and they haven't fully change wow he likes oranges. huh yep he worries about losing money yes very true and iam very annoyed with him that's why I continue living my life and let him find out all about her dirt ..yep alot of spell work was done ..she knows !! and very immature too ..she doesn't want to be on her own ..that's good the secret came out I know It will truth never stays hidden..yep those blue cards are on point.

  3. woah woah huh he is a Libra and my Scorpio in my Venus..yep you started off right on point and the new person iam dealing with is a Scorpio. wow the Libra starts with a A huh !! yep we haven't talk for awhile.. this read is very profound!! it can go both ways it sounds like his life as well yep he was juggling me with someone else and he lives abroad!! you read alot of it resonates !! yep he has someone that is superficial I know she did spell work and still doing it paid alot of money too huh !! you bringing alot to the surface .. wow you read it to a T.

  4. This is the 2nd reading you've said in a past life he could of been a templar knight and that's why his throat chakra is closed and that's what drives me CRAZY 😡 about the Taurus 🐂 I don't even call him " mine" anymore lol it's " the Taurus" 😆

  5. We are both Scorpios he has Taurus in his chart he was so immature this was over two years ago we last spoke last year he was with someone he uses his middle name which starts with A … l just feel he thinks about me and l him constantly but l do t want too l want to move on he was a player who played games with me … hope he doesn’t come back leave it where it is … he is a cancer moon.

  6. My person is Scorpio sun, Libra rising; I'm Libra sun, Venus in Scorpio and I genuinely believe this resonated with me more than him. Gave me some answers and insights too. I'd also paused the reading to complete an order that had an orange soap in it, so that's another confirmation 🍊

  7. He walked to 3rd person who is married to someone else . We had past lives together. But he is the one with Ego, undecisiveness. I have no one. He Gemini is surrounded by a toxic person karmic dark inmature woman Aries which might have used spell work manipulating the situation. . I'm sure she is blocking him and I to come back together. I am ego free. I gave my unconditional love to him. All these from last year lockdown. We had a deep connection, it was true love until 3rd party manipulated herself into our relationship. I see 1111 222 and feathers all around the house. He needs to work on himself and lessons learned. 3rd is paying half the bills. He just left our relationship to someone toxic he met online. I'm balanced but not with anyone. Thank you Chanel 🙏❤♏

  8. Wow, he’s a libra sun and Scorpio rising I’m a Scorpio sun cancer moon … and I def been feeling like someone has been doing magic 🪄 on me . & I already called judgement and left a few week’s ago … we are in separation . & also my name starts with a A and so does the 3rd party . 😲😲😲😲

  9. Wow !I'm dog walking while listening to reading in the woods where the knights templer where based near Rochester castle UK .hes scorpio I'm aqua sun libra moon..true im getting frustrated and in a rut. resonates 100% ty 🙏😊

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