September 20, 2021

22 thoughts on “#1 BRAIDER IN KAMPALA | NICOLE'S BRAIDING SALON | Moving to Africa Series | Ugandan YouTuber

  1. I am looking for a person who doesn't do very do tight braids and you feel as if the vessel is about to burst. Does she do less painful braiding? i don't look pain that's the reason am constantly cutting my hair.

  2. What does she mean 'you know how entitled people in this country are' What a BS statement. You can find entitled people anywhere in the world including the Congo where Mama Marie comes from. By the way I find it strange when people chose to live in a country and all they do is desparage that country and then try to make their country of origin better. This girl says her mother was suspicious of Ugandans taking care of her children, everything about Ugandans is bad except she forgets to mention she has been safe here because of the war in the Congo, Ugandans have been the ones who have been her patrons and thus built her business. It's sad she talks so horribly of Ugandans yet she has been enabled by Ugandans to succeed, build a home. Lastly majority of braiders are paid and people can con anyone including engineers and lawyers it's called defrauding, or absconding to pay. I am glad I will never use this salon to braid my hair. I hope other braiders who are more appreciative can try another location. NB: By the way her mum did my hair in 1998 and I found her to be rude. I remember feeling sleepy when she was doing my hair and she slapped me. I paid her, asked her to undo what she had started and never went back again. I have since used a lady called Nambi and her 2 friends but I lost their contacts when I came to England and then I got another one called Constance a Muganda who is fast, neat and polite and punctual.

  3. Her braids are so neat! I love it! She is right, manual work is very devalued in Africa!its very special because it’s a transfer of energy, and as a professional you have to be very careful how you move! I am a make up artist in Senegal( from Canada) when I first came and said that was my profession they would look at me sideways😩but now everybody and they momma is a MUA! Really enjoyed this

  4. I love love this family and their business, women of God too. Nicole is amazing and so is Marithe, we lived around Kibuli and she did everyone's hair really, never disappointed at all for 20 years. Painless, quick, and quality. Keep on keeping on.

  5. Racheal your such an angle you don't know how you have saved us from those fake salons, this is what i have been looking for so professional clean and she knows exactaly what she's doing i will send my daughters for braiding i love her noteless braides.

  6. Whenever I travel to Uganda, I get my hair braided at this salon. Very professional, friendly, clean environment. I would recommend it, you won’t be disappointed. Great content.

  7. Wow wow I enjoyed the story about how the braiding session is for interaction not just braiding and liked how she speaks
    Am falling in love with the colours everyday I see some one with them
    And true women look younger in braids

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