September 28, 2021

40 thoughts on “10 Best African Countries Where You Can Start a New Life in 2020

  1. Angola is a good choice, safety is a sure thing, new President is DESTROYING the OLD Corruption System that delayed the country. The country is big, so whatever you manufacture here, there is a consumerist local market to get you busy selling…

  2. Make entire Africa into African Union ( AU).
    STOP religious splitting of Africa.

    In yr 1964, Tanzania was formed by the union of TANganyika & ZANzibar . Its biggest city is Dar es Salaam with 7 million population .

    European Union (EU) now has 27 member countries . It has a common market & a single currency – the Euro . About 9 or 10 European countries are not part of EU .

    In Africa , the East  African Federation ( EAF) is now going to become a single political entity / country with a new Constitution . This will comprise Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi & South Sudan ( 6 present countries) . English will be official language and Swahili will be the lingua franca . See attached map . The idea of EAF is to have a common market, single currency ( like EU), shared cultural identity & shared Christianity ( to balance islamic countries of Africa like Egypt, Algeria, Morocco, Sudan, Somalia, Nigeria, Mali, Mauritania, etc) ….

  3. Good video ..and quite authentic info …we all love Africa ! I was in Botswana back in 2009 & it was by far developed than many countries I visited. The info here is well researched & true. love and regards from India 🇮🇳 🌺

  4. I would start a new life in Uganda – Pearl of Africa 🇺🇬 I have known Uganda since December 1990 where I went for 2 years. I have been living in Kenya too and spendt 3 weeks in Tanzania, but Uganda is where I am feeling safe! I am from Denmark, my last trip to Uganda was in 2019, was supposed to go there in August 2021 but postponed due to the Corona situation in Uganda.

  5. I live in the U.S. (The Un-United States) and I'm dying to get outta here! Botswana always seemed a great place to go, so I'm seriously looking into moving there. Thanks for the video. it was very informative and helpful. 😎👍

  6. Well, about Seychelles the richest country in African 🤔 maybe but you won't be able to move to Seychelles easily, to work of course, because many foreigners have moved here, nowadays it is very difficult… i am a Seychellois and i do know how some people take advantage of our Island.

  7. Algeria and Tunisia should be out,better I visit Ghana and ivory coast than those Arab countries,am proud to be. Kenyan and Tanzania ❤️❤️❤️love Africa

  8. My husband is Kenyan. So we live part time in Kenya.
    Kenya has stunning nature.
    Kenyans are – like most Africans – friendly. They are helpful … if you pay.
    Kenya is also an incredibly corrupt country. And I can write a heavy novel about it. And they don't like to be told.
    They love that people praise their country. Say that they are tired of always hearing bad things about Kenya.
    Well, change your ways and you will have more than just a great geography 🙂
    Perhaps I should add that Kenya is a fine place to live if you have money. And if you don't ask your well-off friends there how they earn their money.

  9. Best AFRICAN countries .

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