November 26, 2022

28 thoughts on “10 Nigerian Athletes Just Banned From Olympics, Ivory Coast & Egypt Reach Football Quarterfinals

  1. I am proud to say that I have Nigerian, Ghanaian, and Ivorian Blood. Anytime someone mentions one of my countries I get hyped and I have to brag about it!!! It's amazing how our ancestors were stolen from our land yet we still exist only we are combined with many different West African Countries because our ancestors continued to mix during slavery and of course, we still do this. That's ok, we are still AFRICAN!!!

  2. All Other Africa countries..Should protect there boarders. The rate of Evil Indoctrination going on In Nigeria, if There is an out break. I swear. Africa will never Rise. 9JA,na una brothers. oh. The Nation is Under Mental Sydrome. 🙏👂

  3. These Asian Olympics are racist and eliminating many Black Athletes. Start your own. It will be successful. We don’t need them! They don’t want out competition. We are the best!

  4. let me guess its all a coincidence. The people who sufferes mostin Is Us and abroad because of slavery and police brutally are descendants of Nigerian flesh. Is it a coincidence there are being targeted at the olympics.
    Is it a coincidence that African are always the topic of the world everywhere they go people disqualify them from life. No check the bible It tell you why .
    how many judges , Leader have sworn on on the bible That no coincidence either

  5. Everything about Nigeria is a disappointment. These were athletes that were training for years only to have their hopes dashed because of incompetent officials. Their sight was on the money they were going to share instead of the athletes.

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