December 1, 2021

49 thoughts on “10 reasons why moving to the Czech Republic might NOT be for you

  1. Firstly, this is not a complaining video. We thought to share some thoughts from our experience of living here for over 8 years to set expectations and give an idea for those planning to move to Czech. Our channel is dedicated to the Czech Republic and our love for our home country Czech. So we hope you enjoy this video and find it insightful and helpful for those thinking of such a big move. So we hope you enjoy this video 🤗❤️

  2. I'm in a Facebook for expats in Prague and it's very active, lots of people trying to meet other people do things like sport, partying, music, hiking. I saw one post from two guys, they said they were "open minded" which I kind of assumed maybe they're into taking drugs? or perhaps some taboo sexual activity? Or perhaps it was neither lol. It can't be that lonely in Prague.
    However when it comes to the language Czech looks quite challenging. I would prefer to learn a langauge like Portuguese

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  4. Strangely these reasons are pretty much positive reasons for me and Czech Republic is certainly home in my eyes and I would not change anything about it (except perhaps that air conditioning and antiperspirant should be mandatory on public transport! haha).

  5. I settled in Czechoslovakia way before my pre teens & ended up having children that enjoy Prague's skate park so I see them 14 months straight then it's okay now lets get in formation I call them Prussian as well but they are not fair skinned so civil war was the first option in artistic pursuits in the school house education so they are real revived with hand tools and what not but THANKS

  6. I'm glad for the reason 1. It's cool that you can walk few meters from the center and you are in a village like place.
    To the second point all countries should not support fast fashion it is anti ecology, unfortunanly we have primerak now, so in future this might change in Prague to worst too :(. I disagree that it's hard to find nice staff for your home, but ok 😂. IKEA is not the only one😂.
    Point 3 sending them to private school, is not gonna solve anything, plus they suck. 😀
    9:40 This is awesome. Fck amazon they are the worst.😂

  7. trust me I work in UK and the food is much worse, fancy packaging, nothing tastes good!! youknow nothing about food girl.. go to local farmers all is bio.. this bio stupid mantra…there is no unhealthy food its only lifestyle!

  8. After 5 years here , 2 months more to never comeback here again , based on my own experience here – if u planning to come for a visit I think it worth for sure 100% , but to live and work no way

  9. Anybody tell me please about the selection of diary products. I am a big fan of them and after watching the video I am thinking whether it is worth to move to Czechia, or not, if the selection is scarce.

  10. About that organic food, at one point i think it was 6 or 8 years ago (maybe more) supermarkets started selling organic food and i think that there was bigger variety of organic food but i really didn't see anybody who would buy it. I think it is because Czechs love low prices and because people here still have their gardens where they have their own "organic" vegetables and fruits. It's just my opinion about that and i don't know if it's true but everybody around me is doing it this way.

  11. I don't like fast paced life . I hate skyscrapers. I love historical city. London New York sucks . I like simple fashion. Czech Republic I 💋❤️ love you.

  12. Cool video. Its nice to see a beautiful couple with open minds sharing your point of view in a place i would love to visit. Thanks for the tips!
    – Keep that love burning!!😊 and btw, you have a beautiful child🙏🏻❤
    Respect from L.A California✌

  13. My Mum is Czech and after her moving to the UK and now Norway, she always said that Czech was a year behind on most things, that was the only negative thing i thought about if i was going to move there in the future, currently in UK🇬🇧

  14. CZECHIA, not Czech republic.
    No other democratic country with such a long history used the term REPUBLIC. As a kingdom CZECHIA used to be much more important country than whenever during the republic

  15. Dobry den prajem Vam Tereza aj Vam Nash. Zo srdca Vam prajem len to dobre za rozhodnutie a odhodlanie sa odstahovat z miesta, kde sa vacsina ludi stahuje za vidinou zarobit si velke peniaze az pride zistenie ze peniaze nie su to , co dava skutocny zmysel v jeho zivote. Brno je krasne architekturou, srdecnymi ludmi , vyhlasenou gastronomiou a je velky bonus,ked ovladate miestny jazyk. A je obrovsky dar ked to vsetko clovek moze zdielat s niekym. Posielam Vam vsetkych anjelikov aby ustrazili to dobre a laskave co vo Vas je. Velka a srdecna vdaka za Vase zmysluplne videa.

  16. I wish I would have watched this video before I moved here with my wife who is czech. She told me I would like it here but now I realize I made a big mistake. This place is just for a vacation. The adjustments I have to make to live here after leaving the states can be overwhelming especially under bullshit covid restrictions.

  17. I used to live in Warsaw for 2 years and I do now live in Prague since 1 year and half. I'm myself italian and this culture of planning stuff in advance is ridicolous and robotic but it's common in the area. I don't think learning the language has big impact as local culture is very closed and not open to foreigners. It makes sense just for bureaucracy, public services etc. but not to meet locals or social (meaningful!?) interaction with locals. Locals will prefer to stick with locals 95% of the time doesn't matter if you speak fluent czech or not. Beside this, Prague has very high quality of life. I appreciate your honesty in this video hence here you are my honest comment as well 🙂

  18. You have a point guys. I am czech living in UK 8 years. There are good and bad things in every country. I must agree quality of food is much better in the UK and salaries too. Czech market is limited when it comes to fashion and other things, but these days you can order everything online even from other countries so not a big deal. However if you don't live in Prague living costs are not so high like over here. So i would say it is about the same or bit better in the UK.But for example health care systems is much better in czech and also much safer to live in Czech. Living in suburbs of London and hearing about stabbings, raping etc. several times a month… I personally think if you have kids it is nice to live somewhere in the countryside in czech and enjoy the nature and commute to work. For me it is matter of time to go back.

  19. another point see etc… Do´h go to google maps and find where Czechia is located… absolutely nonsense point, however I lived in Plymouth and there is Gibraltar and "See" very cold not possible to swim without neopren… ( wet suit ) again you are not fair, I feel that this Vlog is full of nonsense and unfair comparaties, absolutely nonsense Vlog

  20. PLs be fair and when you are showing picture of core of Prague centre, compare it with core of London centre, it is at least 10 times more expensive and 5times less quadral metres

  21. hey C´mon really comparing living england and Czechia… I lived in Plymouth it was overprised and average room has a measure of a bathroom in Czechia… overrated and those council taxes, C´mon do not be pls ridicolious, be real do not compare uncomparable

  22. I lived 4 years in England in Plymouth pritacually nobody gived a f**k when Im from I had to be able to " adapt or perish" so why is it so strange in Czechia … pls be fair aight

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