August 14, 2022

20 thoughts on “10 Things you NEED TO KNOW before moving to the UK from South Africa | South African in the UK

  1. 2 more important tips to share if your moving to the U.K.

    #2. ALWAYS carry extra SILVER BULLETS due to all the Werewolf attacks… ESPECIALLY American Werewolves.

    #1. ALWAYS be ready fast with your hand picked wand in case you need to cast a spell to save your life from "He whose name shall not be mentioned"!


  2. Hi I love your videos so so much! It really helps. I wanted to know if you could make a video with regards to schools for toddlers . Primary and high school . Special needs schools or inclusive schools . Also to touch on the prices of baby products like camping cots , feeding chairs and I so on. To touch on big appliances like a fridge , freezer , micro and oven. I am Muslim so if you know of any halal food spots or butchery . Thank you so much

  3. In SA, historically renters have not had to pay for council tax and water (the landlord pays), but they do pay for electricity. Recently, some landlords have started charging renters for water. In UK, the renter pays for everything. And it’s not cheap at all. To give an idea, our rent in Watford is £1100 for a two bedroom maisonette (much cheaper than London and just outside London), council tax is £175 per month (for ten months, a little extra if you want garden waste taken away too, and it’s going up a little next month), water costs us £205 every six months, gas and electricity varies. In winter we probably spend £100 per month on gas and maybe £70 or £80 on electricity (the tumble dryer is always on the go). WiFi will cost you between £25 and £30 per month for unlimited WiFi. Car insurance will be extremely expensive for your first year, easily a couple of thousand pounds. But take the hit and it will come down soon enough. On that topic, car insurance is compulsory in the UK. Car tax varies a lot. Check online before buying. The engine size and what fuel the car uses affects the amount in a big way. Also get insurance quotes before buying. If buying a property, beware of leasehold properties as opposed to freehold (google the difference). So many things. Maybe I should just make a video myself. But then I’d have to brush my hair. Nah.

  4. Hello thanks for the in information can you please advise me on what visa to apply I I will like to work in uk with my wife but we don't have no job offer no sponsorship, thanks.

  5. The Council Tax is what we call Rate & Taxes in South Africa, which the owner of the property has to pay. So in the UK the occupant pays these expenses, which I feel is fair.

  6. Rent really isnt that expensive when you are earning in Pounds Living in Milton Kenyes or luton isnt bad at all Even if you are earning minimum wage, The only shitty thing is the counsel Tax

  7. Intrigue! You shoot and mount well, but there aren't enough views. If you need to bring it to the top, use the u t i f y or google ads, which is the same thing. Thanks for video

  8. Ok as an OLDER person who's moved around a great deal, some of what you had to say was refreshing. Only, "You swipe your card..!" Now which card, "ATM or Oyster" card, as, my sons are studying next year and I purchased them the Oyster transport card for freedom of movement..
    Then, With regards to taxes in SA, It comes as part of your Municipal Account…

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