Peace and Black Power Family,

Welcome to another episode of Do Tha Knowledge Radio. The place where is Knowledge is Born. I am your host Knowledge Born Allah. This is a series dedicated to 100 years of The Whirlwind Red Black and Green presented by the Honorable Marcus Mosiah Garvey 100 years ago. This episode we welcome to the platform the dynamic Afrikan warrior mind of Afrikan Coalition member Obawajumi Owolafia Oláyínká.
Obawajumi Owolafia Oláyínká currently serves a the Program Coordinator of the Afrakan Independence Ma’at Celebration that takes place every year on the first Saturday in the month of August. That has taken place now for the past 15 years at Malcolm X Memorial Park in Philadelphia Pennsylvania. In addition to serving as Program Coordinator for the Afrakan Independence Ma’at Celebration, he also is co-host of The Sonic Ngoma Radio Show which can be heard on Do Tha Knowledge Radio every Saturday at 11 am and viewed live on Youtube Join us this Friday 7-31-20 at 7 PM EST for this amazing conversation.


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