September 22, 2023
12-year-old swimmer nearly disqualified over 'Black Lives Matter' swimsuit

50 thoughts on “12-year-old swimmer nearly disqualified over 'Black Lives Matter' swimsuit

  1. The BLM is a racist group. The organization does nothing for the black community. When have you heard this organization going through black neighborhoods and helping those in need? Never. The only time they show up is when a white cop or white person kills a black person. Not black on black that continues to go on daily on the streets. This organization is a hate group and sorry but not sorry you don't fight racism with racism.

  2. "She went there to swim, and that's all she wanted to do"

    Nope. She wasn't. It's not like she's disqualified because she's black, it's because she became political.

  3. Why should politics be allowed in children's sporting competitions.
    It's the parents who are using children to make their political points….. That's DISGUSTING.

  4. She should be expelled BLM is a criminal organization, they destroyed our downtown. BLM blames current whites for something that happened in our ancient past. Blaming whites for slavery is like blaming an American Chinese for what China the country does…..yep its that weird. Sadly this will be another black girl that will destroy her life being a pill, a pain in everyones ass. Its not our job to cater to you, follow the rules or GET OUT! and yes END RACSIM! sound like its her that has a problem with the white swimmers. Geee just go away! Sounds like she's not comfortable around whites, ok go away bye see ya! Support for what? She looks pretty privileged to me.

  5. Well honestly what if it done for the black community it looks like from my black eyes that they only come during election years and to stir up drama when you could just go to the courthouse and have a team of dedicated legislation passes but protesting in burning stuff down is a bad image and its ass backwards from the MLK movements and any other piece movements you get power and you're supposed to show the way to lead black lives matter is almost a pity party of iPhone I what they're talkin and rhetoric

  6. ALM – All Lives Matter. All lives infested with sin. Everyone is a victim of pre-existing sin. For God all lives are equal, all lives matter. God loves everyone unconditionally. Jesus Christ came from heaven to earth for one purpose only – to die on the Cross for remissions of pre-existing sins of every single person and to resurrect.  Jesus Christ providing forgiveness of pre-existing sins; salvation from eternity in hell; and free entry to eternity in heaven for all who repent of sins in Jesus Christ.
    Otherside of death is eternity. Eternity in hell. Or eternity in heaven through Jesus Christ. Penalty of pre-existing sin already paid by Jesus Christ on The Cross. Accept Jesus Christ, be saved from pre-existing sin and eternal hell for free.

  7. Blm robbed every single person who donated to them. they're living in multiple mansion while black people continue to suffer in there communities because of poor policing and shitty policies and "organizations" like blm swindling and robbing them blind

  8. She's young, ignorant and impressionable. She probably has no idea she was showing support to a racist organization that profits off racial hatred.

  9. No one is interested in BLM ( Buy Large Mansions ) any more people have woken up to the fraudulent organization but i do support the young lady and free speech she has every right to express herself just the same if a young person turned up with MAGA on their costume.

  10. Pretty sure political material is not allowed in school competitions. But if you allow blm bs. Don’t be surprised when someone wears maga. Personally kids don’t need to be political but if you allow one thing allow another

  11. The school officials took the bait smh. Please keep in mind the fuckery will only increase in our today’s “society” just let people be people as long as their fuckeries doesn’t impact you or your love ones directly.

  12. Black Lives Matter is a political slogan and a scamming ghost organization. Your money is being used for their own gain doing nothing for black communities that pledged fiat currency to these people. 60 mil ain't a small chunk of change.

  13. Someone needs to wear maga or let’s go Brandon swimsuit. Let’s see how’s cnn and cry baby leftists make that a problem because it’s not fair.

  14. It's the apathy, rationalizing, coddling, and low expectations that take black lives. You know it too. Grow up and take responsibility…or remain a victim of your own low morals.

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