September 18, 2021


  1. I cannot believe it !! Are you going cook (Real food), in that 'kitch/living' space? As an African, I find all these type of Estates, not African for Africans. Impractical.

  2. How do the developers determine prices? Is it the market? Are there that many folks looking to buy 1 bedroom apartments during Covid???🤔 They are priced to sell to Americans because money grows on trees here. They are nice though.

  3. Non Ugandan citizens cannot own land or immovable property in Uganda as clearly stated in the constitution of the country. You can rent and own a car. With properties make sure the complext gets enough electricity amperage allowance from UMEME (the electricity company) for the number of apartments in it or else you might end up with flickering lights, voltage drops and power outs whenever the total allowance is exceeded. Make sure the water infrastructure fits the size and demands of the complex or you might experience low water pressure.

  4. $150 US dollars, for one bedroom, in Kampala? I'm wondering if you are authentic, that price is too high for that apartment. In a a developing country. I would suggest you to do more research and provide a genuine price. I'm not sure who are your target customers.

  5. Rachael, am your biggest fan because of these real estate videos. I swear this should be your niche…apart from fashion ofcourse….hehe…Anyhow, i love your bubbly self, ur a natural at this, ur opening our eyes to what we had not seen yet. Thank u. Keep them coming. Love u. I wish u could pass this on too to TV as your personal project.

  6. This is so far the best property in Uganda I've seen on YouTube. We thought out , well finished. Love the kitchen , love the bathroom. Great job by the architect and the interior designer.

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