September 28, 2021

38 thoughts on “(2/25/2019) DR UMAR: FDMG FUTURE AND BLACK CONSCIOUSNESS (60 mv)

  1. Bravo!!! May The Almighty One and The Ancestors protect and guide you as you do the work to save our children. Peace, Love and Blessings to you today and always.

  2. Holy snap he's right i psychologically dropped out in the 3rd grade because my teacher had a mock election and we had to choose from Bush Senior or Dukakis and like he said it opened my eyes to the lies told by adults to make a narrative that fits the outcome they want…i never participated in school after that i didnt graduate H.S… As a adult i got my GED and an A.S degree in computer repair i felt i owed my Dad And myself proof his hard work put forth raising me was appreciated. ….

  3. Saneter bro po light Dr Ali Muhammad poppy all the reverends Bobby hemmit Boyce watkins Farrakhan Leila Wills Professor Griff ZaZa Ali Umar Johnson. Black economic power nomics all your books videos speeches all of you are full of shit. In the meantime white folks have gentrificated harlem Brooklyn and started across america. Your knowledge has and can’t and won’t do nothing to stop it. Slick Rick the Rula said it best. “Young kids don’t follow these dopes.”

  4. I want to ask you something now you just mention his third appearance I want to know what's wrong with you and your radio station Crewe you keep calling that guy some name that's not his name he said im saying you have someone on your panel you don't even speak their name you give them a title cos you're not calling him by his name you're giving him a title you see where we keep going wrong we shall never rise from the bottom we won't not with people like you and the person you keep invite to your show and if you don't take me serious as that man about Marcus Garvey how's that man where the ships is himself don't know what happened to Marcus Garvey ships everybody do the same thing like it was the FBI it was the CIA it was the white man it's always f**** somebody else when these fall fall in love with money when money get involve pussy and money this people stuck Blackman weakness give him some money and let him have access the woman we ain't going nowhere because up to now you're third time invite this person you haven't get asked this person his name you keep on talking about this person but you don't even know the person name so sure that you're you sick

  5. We as a people will go out and hustle and work our asses off to buy a $250.00 pair of sneakers but, we won’t give 5 or 10 dollars to this school. Black people are like ,shit he ain’t going to rip me off and, they are the same people who go to coffee shops and drink coffee and pour it out that ain’t made right. Then go back the next day. WTF black people, give this man some of your coffee money.

  6. Much success to our brother Dr. Umar!! However some of his plans for the extra curricular activities, elective trades and sports, seem to be better suited for high schoolers or junior high schoolers not 3rd 4th and 5th graders.

  7. SHOCKING & SAD: America has the second largest global “black/African” Diaspora community with over 40 million people labelled as “black” YET (and shamefully so) Dr. Uma Johnson has for years “struggled” to raise a simple “million” dollars for something he plans to do that will benefit “ALL” 40 Million and the ENTIRE GLOBE on the long-run? It MAKES NO SENSE! BLACKS STOP BEING VACUOUS AND WAKE UP! Come out en-mass and HELP the man for crying out loud!

    Just last week Wednesday someone I know pointed me to a video of Dr Uma Johnson in China and I spent more than two hours watching it. After which I took it upon myself to research and learn more about what he has been doing and is aspiring to do and I take off my hat in admiration to him for his efforts as somehow I had never heard of him prior to last week.

    The paradox of it all is, (now before I say this let me get one thing clear, in all societies there are 'good' people but often times the bad/evil ones overwhelm the good so I am not saying ALL “blacks” in America are bad as I know there a numerous good ones [so be rationale and bear that in mind while still staying objective while reading]. Sadly, the 'few' always get overshadowed by the bad ones. Here stands a country of 40 million “black” people, the very same people who in the 60's, 70's and 80's gave the world phenomenally gifted, wonderful/beautiful and honest people of integrity such as Malcolm, Assata Shakur, Angela Davis, Dr Cress Welsing (wow! Did I not, as a kid, love these beautiful women…where did it all go wrong?) Bobby Seale, Fred Hampton, Medgar Evers, Bobby Hutton, Chancellor Williams and a host of others that in their own way contributed to make “blacks” in America admired by all in the global Diaspora. Yes! Once upon a time “Blacks” in america were perceived as a beacon of hope/promise yet sadly, the same “Black” america shortly after turned from “Hope/Promise” giver to “Shame/Clown” displayer. What makes it all the more painful is that this transition from good to bad although blatant is in full denial.

    This is NOT THE TIME for hate, nor envy or scorn of foolhardiness this is the time to DO THE RIGHT THING. If you have ever spent a moment of thought to be critical and analytical you will admit (at least to yourself) that education is the rock of the system and the educational system/content as it stands is like a two headed arrow. Up it clones the mind replicating thought to be fashioned on a certain eurocentric structure that was not designed with the conditions of “Blacks” anywhere in the world in mind. The other end of the arrow is the “Self_Destruct path where unknowing to many it is also part of the system in place so that if you get none of it you end up self-destructing and indulging in patterns of behaviour that lead to a path of self-destruct. (too complex to explain here but hopefully you get the gist).

    By starting this mental detoxication Uma Johnson will help set the path for true “Black” development of capabilities on a global level and one day soon finally restore dignity, integrity and pride to a race that has long lost it. Benefits all in various ways over time.

    But let us take a quick step back and apply our brains and reason by asking the much needed questions:

    1) How is it possible that a country that has so many “Blacks” obtaining sources of income in the millions yearly through sports, entertainment, singing, shaking this or that, frolicking as rappers (or whatever), running businesses, generating income through acting and showing off, and even through religiously exploiting weak minds, etc. and yet these individuals cannot find it within their brains nor heart to come to the assistance of Uma Johnson….come on… it is the very same mental cloning through conditions of various educational/non-educational forms that has produced this state of fermented vegetation in the first place…..Come on it is time to break this…Where is your conscience?

    2) Yet these same individuals who jump up and down showing off like zebra crossing clowns can spend over a million on snorting all forms of narcotics and blowing their brains out with coke/cocaine as they frolic night after night wasting millions on drugs, needles and meaningless parties yearly YET they cannot rise to the occasion to help out their own kind that is trying to do something “ironically” which as below shows they too will benefit from in the long-run….Sorry I have to say this (remember I know there are good ones amongst “blacks” in america) but SHAME ON YOU BLACK AMERICA!

    3) To make matters worse if Uma Johnson is to successfully do what he hopes to do and restores PRIDE to “BLACKNESS” the irony of the situation is that it is these very ballers, sportsmen/women, actors, entertainers, singers, politicians etc. who are the higher level beneficiaries of a progressive and developed “Black” Race because the respect/accord that race will then get from others is based on the development of capabilities of the COLLECTIVE of that race. By Uma Johnson sacrificing it all to ensure that, (in future say 2050 upwards, for the first time in memorable history) “Blacks” genuinely/mutually are given respect and admired and treated as a true “equal” and human being by virtue of capabilities developed he is also opening the doors for the grandchildren of all these same rappers, ballers, actors clowns etc, to visit peacefully various places (they hold in awe in their minds) in the world and for once be genuinely respected and treated as humans as opposed to being hounded, pulled out in lines, dehumanised, down spoken to, or delayed in some form. That is to say it is the “grand Children” of these same “affluent” ones that will often times be in a financially resourceful position to go jetting off to vacations in far away places where normally they would be perceived/treated as scoundrels and a menace. Even when tolerated while living in foreign lands. So you see those of you now scorning Uma Johnson need to be more appreciative and ashamed of yourself because you, like everyone else, stand to “benefit” from any measure of success Uma Johnson can create over the coming years for the upliftment of “Blackness”.

    For those of you good ones who can understand the honesty of what I am pointing out here you also have a duty: That duty is simple, If you know any of these rappers, singers, shakers, crack/cocaine snorters, walking tattoo factories or ballers, actors or show off sportsperson tap them on the shoulder and ask them have they “done the right thing yet! Yes we all have a duty to snap our family members, friends or foes out of their present nauseate state of fermented vegetation. Do not be afraid, tell them, and tell them again and again till it hits home after all they are your fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, cousins, uncles, aunts, friends and even foes get them to put aside their hate, scorn, resentments, jealousy, envy and foolhardiness and simply do the right thing for once in their lives and give Uma Johnson all the help he needs.

    Oh! by the way, I know there is a large and growing section of people “abstaining” because they “date outside their race” (and on a global level contrary to popular understanding females have done it excessively but the male aspect of it is crucial to understand) Dr Uma Johnson does not “Hate” you as a person so do not take it personal. He has explained his reasons and even here he has not told you the other half of the story which I refer to as “Ethnicity in Flux” (but this is not the place or time for this discussion) simply see the sense in what he says and have the courage to “admit” truth to yourself. Yes I know it may be easier for people like me raised in other parts of the Diaspora with different growing up conditions to admit truth because (to borrow a phrase from Malcolm) I did not “decide” to land on (Plymouth) dating rock, the (Plymouth) dating rock landed on people like me from way back as primary school as we never had to wait till later in our teens to “make” a cross-roads decisions on the matter which thus carries a conscience factor (but again this is not the space for a discussion). Uma is telling you the truth on that matter I know it may be a hard pill to swallow but just be true to yourself thinking of ways to be a part of the solution and not constantly a part of the problem.

    Finally, to everyone in the Global DIASPORA and on AFRICA MAINLAND Uma Johnson and the entire BLACK RACE NEEDS your efforts many of us have grown too old (like Chancellor Williams once pointed out earlier) as your YOUTH is your STRENGTH and YOUR PEN IS YOUR AXE use it now and make sure Uma gets ALL the SUPPORT HE NEEDS so he can ONE DAY REPLICATE this much needed start to all over the globe as it is the starting point to the mental detoxification process. Yes! there is still much work but simply “listen” to the contents of what he is saying (do not hear what you want to hear), he to knows and understands the workload required so give him a FAIR chance as it is not any easy feat for anyone to pull off I know that from direct hard learned experience and he needs all the moral uplift possible to sustain both focus and enthusiasm so PLEASE let your conscience in and simply do the RIGHT THING!

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