Black Panther, Serves to Inspire in a World Built on Fantasy

Every dream begins as fantasy, an exaggeration of the actual outcome. There is no explanation for it. That’s just the way the human mind works. But if you think it’s foolish to rely on fantasy, who can tell me that god is not a fantasy? Yet he or she is the key driver of the human psyche, providing hope, inspiration, and courage to billions to alleviate their fears of this hostile world. God alone has been inadequate for us however; therefore, Black people are still searching for whatever form of inspiration we can find.
Main-stream media is scrambling to understand the success of Black Panther. We’re telling them how just seeing other Black people in powerful roles is inspirational, yet many of them are still confused. They say, “but Black Panther is just a movie, a fantasy”. What they refuse to acknowledge is the power of inspirational figures even though they draw inspiration from images of Jesus and movies about Super-man, James Bond, and Luke Sky-Walker.
Those inspirations make them feel that they can dictate the policies of the world, travel to the Stars, or become heroes that save lives and solve complicated crimes. For us, Black Panther serves to inspire in a world built on fantasy. What world am I referring to? I’m not referring to the world of Wakanda; I’ am referring to the world we face every time we open our front doors.


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