Buju Banton’s Greatest Song Was Love Black Woman

Buju Banton’s greatest song was “Love Black Woman”. Respect to Buju Banton on his recent release from prison and for all the great music he delivered over the years. Love Black Woman, which was a song that directly addressed racial pride, was a contentious reaction to the outcry of dark skin women in Jamaica who saw the detrimental effects of Desire Dependency in society and called out Buju Banton for perpetuating the desire for lighter skin colors within society. The song was racially conscious and prideful while addressing the hypocrisy of black people trying to get lighter while white people are trying to get darker skin.
Love Black Woman was a very timely song. In fact, it was a song that came out at the same time when many Jamaican women were seeking ways to lighten their skin color with chemicals. Unfortunately, the message didn’t take root because the trend of skin bleaching has exploded by leaps and bounds. Many other artistes including Nardo Ranks with “Dem A Bleach” attempted to send a similar message but failed because the trend of skin bleaching soon included men and boys.
Today, Skin Bleaching in Jamaica has almost become an epidemic. Men, women, boys, and girls are lightening their skin in alarming numbers. Some skin bleachers are just plain “falla fashin” as we used to say but most are either trying to escape poverty and the belief that black skin is holding them back from opportunity. Jamaica is a former British colony with a predominantly black population. Since gaining independence from British rule in the early 1960s the country has been degenerating economically. The reasons are many and include political and racial interference from many big-name players including America.
The economic conditions in Jamaica have become so poor that most Jamaicans either rely on remittance from overseas relatives, the tourism industry, or entertainment to survive. The tremendous influence of foreign culture has altered the mentality of most Jamaicans to believe that lighter skin is a vehicle to get ahead. In the early 90s Buju Banton did a song called (Love Mi Browning). The song had nothing to do with racial pride as the term “Browning” had become so popular that many Jamaican men were using it simply to describe a desirable girl like, long hair, a fit body, and a big butt.
“Browning” refers to a brown or light skin girl. Like the rest of the world, it is what most Jamaican men have become brain washed to desire in a Black female. Dark skin women, therefore have little choice but to try to become desirable by lightening their skin. Fortunately, the Great Spirit of the universe is still reaching into the Pineal Glands of some Black skin women. When some dark skin women heard Buju Banton’s “Love Mi Browning” song they called him out for his favoritism and his lack of racial pride. When Buju Banton heard the backlash of dark skin women to his “Browning” song, he quickly recorded “Love Black Woman”.
Unlike other songs, Love Black Woman tackled racial pride instead of trends in popular culture. It was the genesis of Buju Banton’s swing toward consciousness that took several more years to mature. As conscious minded people we resist the trends in popular culture that continue to destroy the Black and afrakan race. We are totally about Afrakan pride so thank you Buju Banton for this anthem, Love Black Woman.


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