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The Black Conscious community should support Us. Who is Us? Us is the upcoming new horror film by writer and director Jordan Peele. Although I’m not into scary movies, there are three reasons why I’m going to see this movie when it gets released in March of 2019.

The first reason is because the main cast is Black, not just light or brown black, but Lupita Nyong’o black. As a black conscious individual, it’s so good to see an all black leading cast in a major movie. Even if its not in the socially acceptable genres of Romantic Comedy and Drama, it’s a Black film non the less. We know that those genres are reserved for white audiences since those genres tend to make audiences subconsciously bond with actors and empathize with their fictional situations. The powers that be would never wholeheartedly support a movie that casts blacks as normal people who pursue happiness in a conscientious way. We are loved for being gangsters, bitches, and comedians.

The second reason I’m going to see this movie is to support the rise to prominence of another great black writer/director in Hollywood. Sure, there are already many good black writers and directors but how many of them can pull off casting such a black family in a major film release. The difference is the genre. A lot of black people have dissed many of the established black directors in Hollywood for being sellouts without understanding the business of Hollywood itself. If you know anything about starting a business you would know that you never use your own money.

Therefore, in Hollywood writers and producers leverage their reputations to get investors for their various projects. In other words, investors put up money to get movies made based on the movie’s writer, director, and sometimes, actors that will star in the movie. A lot of black themed movies never get made simply because there are not enough investors. Big name directors and producers are scared to lose their money. Black directors are therefore forced to make movies that will appeal to black audiences only. We are much more than comedic people, yet 99% of black directed movies are comedic in nature. That is why we need to support our black directors who are making movies in non-traditional genres.

The third reason I’m going to see “Us” is to see if the title is a colloquialism for U-S, as in the Unites States. I never saw Jordan Peel’s critically acclaimed movie “Get Out” until months after its release, and it was on bootleg. That’s not real support but then again, who know the movie would be so profound. “Get Out” surprised everyone from the black community to all communities and the Hollywood establishment. Who knew that a guy known for writing comedy sketches for TV could write and direct such a thought-provoking vision of a not so far fetched world in which black people’s bodies could be easily harvested by white people who believe that we are just not using it right.

Hopefully “Us” will not disappoint but from the trailer I saw, it looks to be another hit for Jordan Peele.


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