Black Consciousness Today with J. Coleman and H. Baxter

Host Arthur Powell welcomes you to the table to discuss Black family matters and concerns with H. Butch Baxter and James Coleman.
Patrick Wallace, producer


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  1. James Coleman was my big brother and I am deeply touched watching this because I realize just how much he influenced my life because much of what he shares is what I have instilled in my children. It was because of his influence that I attended and graduated from TU (Class of 1987) and it was one of the best times of my life! My brother was very intelligent and when we were at Tuskegee together it used to tickle me to watch him mess with people's heads with his intelligence. He was a genius when it came to computers and oh yes, he loved music! His all time favorite group being Earth Wind and Fire. I thank you for being a part of my brother's journey and for being a positive influence in the community. God bless, Alicia Ward (Coleman)


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