Bro Kerry Davis -Debunking Afro Centrick Myths



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  1. Lol he was about to say look like your father but u speaking some real shit tho brother we don't even look like the African plain and simple and also what happen to the copper colored people not these fake so called Indians on these reservations.

  2. whoever that first guy caller was is an set back to our nation, and instead of him eating the meat and throwing away the bone he wants to argue and stick with what he was taught by our oppressors. i never heard any older person said we came off of slave ships, i heard that from school.

  3. Then who are these people that we see today called Native Americans because he's sayin rhats us and that's obviously not true , and he also has to be talking about all the black people in the Caribbean because it's much closer to America than Africa , this is just his theory but i see almost no evidence that it's true

  4. lmao…. Dude say u cant trust definitions; cause u dnt knw who wrote it, but who wrote his documentation that gave slaves the names; off the boat? U cant trust their definitions however; u can trust their documentation that says they name u James.

  5. You pink pale skin beast
    I hate ya red,white and blue klu klux klan sheets
    I hate ya president, ya senates and ya campaign speech
    I hate the British, romans and the God damn Greeks
    It's no peace!
    Moral persuasion doesn't work with casucasians
    You spit his language through violence and gun blazin
    So what I'm saying
    Negotiating with satan
    Its a waste of time
    You out yo INDIAN MIND!
    Gon make theses devils pay for every single treaty crime ever committed cracka you did it, now it's time to die
    I spray the ratchet, I blat it, no movin backwards
    I'm sending bullets to crackas and all unproductive faggots
    Forward is the motions
    Killing devils on all levels concocting potions, to keep em from emproachment
    On my my way to life I got a knife to slit his throat quick
    Get into my peoples head
    Because what I always write ,is ,dopeness,focus….

    Dedicated to my ancestors from turtle island

  6. This is very strange stuff. Sure, if you have Native American blood, you may claim your family is indigenous but, if not, NOT!! And, they're denying the entire slavery story? Whew!!….and even saying numbskull things like one can use "liquid oxygen" to straighten their hair?!!

  7. It doesn't make any difference now. The damage has been done from thousands of years ago. Nothing's going to change unless they gather us up in concentration camps. The Black man's plight may even be God's punishment for our Egyptian ancestors for disobeying his law. Black people lineage derives from Africa. Once Africans began to travel to different countries and continents, they began breeding with other races. So we are mixed with so much. But you should visit Africa and you will feel like you are home. Its the true Motherland.

  8. I used dark matter to center me, I love it. Black is diverse, white isn't. Multiplicity, Black is the original white is copy, copy, copy. They are part of us, I'm not into self-hatred.

  9. Thank you Brotha Davis!
    The whole thing was set up… by these so-called leaders to keep us dumber down! These people was placed on this testing grounds by the Most High Power Creator of all Existence, All Creation… Can't you see that the book is by the rulers that be that have used what they learned from other tribes of our people that chose to sell us out to this day.
    If it began with us.. it will end with us if we see this hell called world for what it is… Emotion is a stronghold.. we must stand firm on truths, what's real.. after so many failures but those we have trusted… is that not enough to cause you to pray to Our Creator and ask Him to show us in what we must do and not man or depend on the things of it? We are dying for lack of knowledge and laziness, yet those that speak truth…they get slammed. Brotha please know that because many of us have taken our lives seriously.. we appreciate yu…i know your truths and my ancestors made sure by leaving our family with it, while I was out there in the world being ignorant.
    Now I see the Truth… and feel when our ancestors and family would have felt like if they knew when they sang "Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound that saved a "wretch" like me… "Wretch means " a good for nothing" our people want to belong to the evilness it seems… they don't even research to find truths.. We are descendants of the Original Indigenous Indians of the Third and Fourth Generation! We are Not African my people…research before you miss your calling.. please!

  10. These Black people really are dumb as hell..oh yeah this is coming from a full blooded Denesuline Treaty Native from Canada..if you don't look like us you are not Native… My Culture and Language is similar to Navajo and Apache..they do look like us…we are proof that these Black people are lying and making things up..hell, even Mexicans look like us…

  11. My beautiful black natives please stop arguing with these Europeans and Mexicans whom seem to think that they are the natives, these Neanderthal gene having people get on my nerves.

  12. Now the native Americans want to say if your not 90% what there white ancestor s were than you are not one of them but they forget they are Dan near white now. there Asian and white. Not native american. My family was in Memphis Tennessee on my mother's side and have always been before Columbus. the native Americans were here to. They plot us against each other. They gave them new ways to treat a slave. before that a slave had just as much gold as the owner and could basically do what they wanted. It wasn't that serious. It was like you owe me so to pay it of you gotta cater to me for a while. they also let there slaves buy there freedom. We were even getting along with the Asians before they came and intermingled with them as well

  13. yes we were here before Columbus
    Columbus didn't even ever get to USA, but since we all came out of Africa in the source we still came from one of them dam tribes even if it was Eyon's ago. Our ancestors traveled to america and stayed . The mongols came and made them native americans, So we are still African mix people some of us are mix with different stuff depending on which way there ancestors traveled to get there. African americans come in all colors that's why they knew we were different. the mullatos to was there also. They definitely raided the Philippines and grabbed a bunch of them and every other island,they had dark Japanese people with willy bushes. They took everybody and displaced them. They were evil and did not care . So called doing it in the name of god,ridiculousness

  14. bro what's on your mind? the united states didn't care less about black people anywhere!!! thus is not our home!!! we sick because of the bs they forced on us!! you are a great example of the mess that confuses black america!!!

  15. It's funny how no one seems to connect the hidden history that the powerful and corrupt don't want to be exposed. You have primarily two races on this planet that claim they are the strongest or the smartest. These two races are the white European race and the Dark black Moor of Africa. History and even scientist have proven that the aboriginal man was brown skin. This aboriginal man was not the original man though. The brown indigenous aboriginal people of Africa had migrated out of Africa and populated other continents and lands in the warmer climate areas of the Earth. The dark skinned African namely the Moors partnered with the white European whites and plotted to exterminate and wipe out the indigenous people of these warmer climates. The Moors had been to the Americas and other lands before by ship. The Moors started the "Skull and Bones" society of pirates. The Moors made Peace treaties with the different indigenous nations of the earth. And in typical "Skull and Bone" fashion/pirates do not uphold to their end of Peace treaties.  The Moors had made maps and decided to involve the White European in the takeover of these lands inhabited by the brown skin peoples of the Earth. The European was blessed with an ability to manufacture weapons and tools from metal and the European used this knowledge to develop weapons of MASS DESTRUCTION (the repeating rifle, the gattlin gun, machine guns, dynamite, bombs, cannons, etc.) The Moors ("Skull and Bone" pirates) gave their cousin the wicked European the maps to lands they had never been to. How do you think Christopher Columbus found America, by using a map given to him by the dark black Moors of Africa. Moors piloted Christopher Columbus ship to the Americas. American Government is founded on the pirate "Skulls and Bones" (plundering, deceiving, robbing, enslaving, murdering, killing) principles of the Moors (Moorish Science). The dark skinned (Red Fez hat wearing, Turban wearing, S.O.B.) Moors and the White European entered into a secret contract and compact and call themselves the "Skull and Bones" society. All across the earth where the indigenous peoples of the earth were living in peace the White European "Skull and Bones" pirate and the dark skinned Moor "Skull and Bones" pirate of Africa have either wiped these indigenous peoples out or have defiled, polluted, or corrupted these peoples bloodlines and stolen their history from them. America is their great experiment, with race mixing, killing, laws, medicine, etc,. Namely the mixing of white European and dark skin Moor bloodlines. Look at Barack Obama, his mother is Jewish (white European ancestry to be specific) and his father is a dark skinned Nigerian Moor from Africa. His presidency unified this secret compact between the European and dark skinned Moor of Africa. For example, the first European colonies of North America were populated by the criminally insane of Europe. These whites were cutthroats, con artist, thieves, etc. Prisons had become over populated in Europe and the powerful and elite started sending these white trash Europeans to populate the first colonies of America. But these colonies were actually prison colonies. This is why the European in Europe in this day and age look upon the whites of America as trash and garbage. The indigenous peoples of the earth truly don't know their bloodlines because of the evil perpetuated by the Moors and the European. The prettiest women of the indigenous people were raped by the Moors and the European. Why do you think you see so much evil perpetrated by the descendants of the Moors in America and the criminally insane European living in North America. Their descendants do trifling and immoral things. Europeans try to hide the evil their descendants do but the descendants of the Moors don't care, both of theses races are wicked.The Moors of Africa made war with the countries of Africa that would not participate in the destruction of the indigenous people of the so called new world. So, the Moors that lost were enslaved and shipped to the new world to help build and unconsciously repopulate it with their bloodlines as unwilling slaves.

  16. This fool said the Egyptians are all gone. Get the hell outta here man. That is not what the Bible says at all devil. And you even said the Arabs looks like the Mexicans? Are you freaking kidding me? You are destroyed physically and mentally. This is straight up childish talk with no factual evidence whatsoever. The same BS the white man uses you doing the same damn thing. Both carnal and no spirit.

  17. The Brothers and Sisters are damaged, mentally and spiritually to the point that it is embarrassing to listen to the level of ignorance you display.  I do not want to debate it with you but a little knowledge is dangerous and you demonstrated that.  You are so mind FU*KED about wanting to belong somewhere, that you don't understand that Black People belong everywhere on Planet Earth.  Planet Earth is a Black Planet.  It may be hard for you to believe that all other races come from somewhere else, and together they are mind FU*KING you.  Lucifer and 1/3 of Heaven refers to White People and others that fell (came to planet earth); from China and all point in-between to Europe, they have kept these secrets from Black People.  Hard to believe, because they seem human to you, but the Cosmos naturally has other life forms (humans) besides planet earth.  Together they have dumbed down Black People to the point that the damage is unrepairable, when I listen to your logic, and your being so needy when it comes to rediscovering yourself.  Most of your reasoning is under the canopy of what you have been led to believe.  Finding out about the Olmec (Black People) being in the Americas is just the tip of the ice burg.  Use your abilities to see that Black People encompassed the whole of Planet Earth not just the Americas.  There is no starting or ending point to Black People's existence on Planet Earth.  Until you realize that, you are shooting arrows into the sky and missing…! Simple observation will tell you that Black People are everywhere on Planet Earth, and that fact has been kept hidden from Black People.  But you don't need anyone to tell you that, that is a FACT…!


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