Reaction to Anti Afro Svengalis Dr. Boyce Watkins Video.

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Anti Afro Svengali’s video being critiqued

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  1. There is a counter lawsuit being filed against Maria Lloyd for defamation and other illegal things that she is alleged to have done to Dr Watkins. Her father is a notorious criminal in Chicago and has 14 life sentences for illegal activity. To learn how Dr Watkins does business, you can find all info about him at Ms Lloyd appears to be upset because he cut her off financially after taking care of her for years. But things ended when he found out she was with another man. Thats pretty much what's going on here. Its being played out in court

  2. Y’all have no fucking clue to what you’re talking about. Almost always defendants file a motion to dismiss before answering. Smh. It’s hard to listen to the commentary.

  3. I think this is Judge Mathis speaking. Either way when you log in the federal court site and go to a specific case it tells you whether or not an attorney is on the case. She is using that site which timelines out the proceedings and filings. Be fair and listen to the entire clip. And yes she reaches quite a bit in my opinion but has merit.

  4. why are you brothers so down on our black women?? just asking… go challenge Dawa Neter 3 the white power structure is afraid of this brother.. he does not speak out against our black women..

  5. all you brothers who are hard on black women… listen to Dawa neter 3… no black man wants to challenge him… he is a true warrior against the white power structure, he criticizes black men for not not protecting black women etc… go and call him names and see if you can handle him

  6. i sit in the audience and sometimes I make comments on youtube and other times i do not…. so in this case. she often tells her listerners that she is not a lawyer… so i give her credit because she is learning….

  7. This is REAL TALK. Thank you Mackcity. Anti-Afro can stick to Umar videos because he's a legitimate fraud, with 10 years of receipts to show it. U don't have to work hard to expose Umar as a fraud, I knew he was a fraud long before I knew who the hell Anti-Afro was. But why is she reaching so hard with Boyce and Mechee? She has good grammar and diction but let's not confuse that with intelligence. Her videos are subjective, opinionated and half ass. It's nice to hear a pair of REAL BROTHERS spit that real shit.

  8. Hands down the best podcast in the black manosphere. Sidenote: if Boyce was simping for a broad like Maria Lloyd then he just started getting decent pussy. A Nigga of his stature who was confident with women would have never put her own the payroll to begin with.

  9. Yall gon be the First niggas i ever fuck with on patreon.
    I aint got no money, yet, but when i get some, im comin to yo patreon, Sun!
    Yall some live niggas

  10. I was just listening to this lady. Even tho I agree Umar is a fraud she reaches and puts her own interpretation on things like a motherucker, now she's doing it to Boyce.

  11. LMAO, Boyce is a typical SIMP using some skill or financial incentive to get some pussy, I'm guilty too. I used to fuck some bad bitches when I was actively doing photography its a give and take, needs and wants.

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