The Gates of Zadash | Critical Role | Campaign 2, Episode 8

The group decides upon a name and leaves Alfield, heading back on the open road to Zadash… though not without having to deal with the dangers of the road.

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Comment (23)

  1. The way Jester talks about growing up in such denial about the loneliness of her childhood. Her "I would listen through the door and here her singing." That made me so sad. Like honey that's not normal.

  2. 0:55 Sam mayo story
    3:05 Matt knows names

    6:35 Laura has been glowing more than usual

    10:05 Game starts

    15:35 Something for everyone’s collection

    23:55 Dick in a book

    33:40 This wand was made for Jester

    37:00 Caleb must defend his stench

    44:00 Sad Jester is sad

    1:03:55 Dramatic name reveal and spelling

    1:08:20 They have big plans for that cart

    1:10:45 Song of Dumas

    1:13:35 Fjord’s last name breaks Matt

    1:17:30 Jester is probably not a Shorthalt

    1:25:20 Jester has realistic expectations

    1:27:20 Marisha IRL injures herself

    1:33:05 Break Starts

    1:39:45 Art Montage

    1:49:00 Break Ends, cold open

    2:04:30 XTREME STD’s

    2:07:35 Counterattack

    2:18:15 Molly’s leadership workshop

    2:48:10 C’mon Liam, it’s 835

    2:50:05 Stacked insight checks

    3:12:15 Pumat Sol

    3:16:55 Even more Pumat Sol

    3:21:30 Pumat Sol is what this episode is all about

    3:27:00 Pumat Sol is love, Pumat Sol is life

    Between Twitch and Youtube, live viewership of this episode peaked around 65,000 people. The in-game start day for the episode was the 12th of Fessuran 835 PD.

    I recently finished listening to allworknoplay, Liam and Sam’s remarkably inconsistent podcast about being working dads and voice actors. It’s only 15 episodes spread out over 5 years, you should check it out if you love the Sam and Liam relationship.

    Any moments I missed? Feel free to post them here. Is it Thursday yet?

  3. Wait a minute. Brice paid them 570 Gold Pieces, but i did the math and they should have been paid 1114 Gold Pieces. I fully understand why but they got ripped off.

  4. I’m totally hooked on this show. Forget Netflix! When I run across other shows about D&D gaming I feel protective of these 7 people. I want this show to go on and on and on.

  5. The way Matt plays Pumat Sol reminds me a lot of Igor from Pratchett's Discworld novels (at least the Audiobook version of "The Fifth Elephant").


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