Should You Move Back Home/Caribbean? ? | Babbzy Media

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I discuss on this live if you should move to the Caribbean. I also touch on if you should move to Canada/America/United Kingdom.

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  1. Shooks. My grandmother always goes back ??. She only comes here for the doctor and dentist. My parents would gladly go back, one of my uncles go every month, he only comes back to the U.S. because of his gf. Lol. Majority of my family would gladly pack up and go, including myself. Some of the children born in America don't want to leave America so that's holding them, and I have school.

    Touching on health care, whenever my grandmother (fathers side) gets I'll or needs surgery, she gladly goes to Barbados lol

  2. Real talk u can never go back these days n think u can relive out there for a holiday yes , after spending seven years or more in foreign. U change to a system in foreign go back n adjust no sir. You notice that majority of islands government have the people still in Chains and shackles. Nxt year price go up on everything rice, salt, sugar, Flower, name it will go up & poor will suffer. People need to survive

  3. U can never go back, u can return but u can’t go back. I visit and keep links with my cousins JUST in case life kick me again and I end up back in GT.


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