AfroPunk Vlog | Outfits-Concerts-Black POWER!!!

Hey Ya’ll!!

I went to AfroPunk and got my whole live. Check out the concert footage and alll these poppin outfits!!




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  1. I’m sure I should know … but who is the beauty at 17:40 mins. My son thinks she’s Moana and he can’t be convinced otherwise b/c he says “even her orange earrings are the heart of Tafiti”

  2. I saw The Afropunk Documentary awhile back, and I loved it. Whether it's in Brooklyn, or Atlanta. It doesn't matter. I would like to go to an Afropunk event one day.

  3. Packed was an understatement! 🤣🤣🤣 My second and possibly last!😅

    I sneaked in with a camera crew. Or I would have had to wait in line for, legit, 3-4 hours…nah son😬

  4. What's up, Gorgeous. Looking like the sun goddess Ra(uhm?) -Ella(huh???) incarnate. And I BESEECH the HERETICS and Non-Believers—To catch these Hands because Kennedy is the truth and I am an Apostle spreading the word of… and…. lol good vlog, Beautiful. The camera looks good on you (huh????)

  5. Loved the vlog glad you and your best friend enjoyed yourselves 😊. I was at Afropunk on the first day but I didn't get a chance to meet you, maybe next year. Afropunk was definitely a great experience, I will be coming back again ✊🏾


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