Festival of African Culture, Eritrean Liberation Movement, Apartheid, Death of Steve Biko, Guerrilla

(31 Dec 1977) NIGERIA (2nd Festival of African Culture)
Olympic torch being lit
African dancers
Sese Seko Mobutu speaking to crowd (Pans to) Katangan exiles
Arms cache
DJIBOUTI (Independence)
Flag being raised
Military parade
MCS Colonel Mengistu
ETHIOPIA – Eritrea (Eritrean Liberation Movement)
Man holding gun
Wreckage after fighting
Somali flag
Somali-backed rebels on parade
Arms (Various)
SOUTH AFRICA (Apartheid)
Street scenes of black township
People chanting on streets
Blacks discussing politics
(The Death of Steve Biko)
Body of Steve Biko, people filing past coffin
CS Biko
People mourning
Raised fists
Cart carrying coffin
CS Police Minister Kruger
Memorial service
People crying
(SOF) speaker
CS Premier J.B Vorster
RHODESIA/ZIMBABWE (Guerrilla War/Chimurenga)
Troops jumping from plane
Troops firing in forest
Troops mourning the dead
RHODESIA/ZIMBABWE – Salisbury/Harare
Men clearing rubble after riot
Campaign Headquarters of Ian Smith
CS Ian Smith talking to reporters
CS Britain’s Foreign Secretary David Owen
CS American advisor

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