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00:00 – Forever Loving Jah – Bob Marley
02:11 – No Fires It – Mc Woner
05:10 – Strange Things – Ronnie Davis
08:39 – Rise & Shine – Bunny Wailer
12:44 – Jah Children – African Princess
15:42 – Times So Hard – Al Campbell
19:05 – Revolution – Dennis Brown
22:02 – Feeling Irie – Gregory Isaacs
24:53 – Jah Bless – Matthew Mcanuff
27:34 – By The Look – Enos McLeod
30:07 – Fire, Fire – Yabby You
33:17 – Dread Red Dread – African Son
34:55 – Young Girl – Don Carlos
38:11 – Youths of Today – African Brothers
40:03 – One Spliff a Day – Billy Boyo
43:10 – Plastic Smile –Black Uhuru
45:29 – International Farmer – Peter Broggs
48:43 – Mystic Man – Peter Tosh
52:23 – Rasta Spirit – Alton Ellis
55:29 – You Don´t Love Me (No No No) – Dawn Penn
60:10 – Dreamlets – Fu Manchu
62:50 – Love is For Jah – Johnny Osbourne
66:06 – Zion Gate Dub – Horace Andy & King Tubby
67:35 – Roots & Culture – Mikey Dread

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Comment (49)

  1. Why do Jamaicans often mention poverty in their songs, I hope it's not the reggae that's making them poor, could be the marijuana, but isn't their a link between the drug and the music.

  2. I remember in school we did a 'My Hero' presentation. I chose Bob Marley, and of course everyone assumed it was because I was a stoner/"loser", but it was actually because of all the unbelievably amazing unselfish things he did for his country, for his people and for the world. And to this day he remains my hero, my lost father and my mentor. ✌🏿♥️

  3. Man if the Rastas just didn't worship a guy that died a few decades ago I'd convert in an instant… nothing but positive vibes and they live such simplistic lifestyles. Plus they blaze fat..

  4. i'm smoking weed like all day : D (in sametime doing what im at best)
    Turkish guy who is livin' in turkey skated for 15 years (skateboarding) and cant skate now cause im 30 and really tired by getting injuries.
    giving chess lessons to kinder class now. playing guitar sometimes don't have a dreadlock but studied chess for long time while playing reggae in background and still cannot say i'm a rastaman but in rastafarianism the holy spirit got a part of it in you and i so that's why they call i and i rastafari!
    JAH LIVES with you and i my friends.


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