The Science of Black Pan-African Consciousness with Bro Safari

Bomani Connects with Bro Safari Black on the 10 year anniversary of the Ghana Dec 2006 Tour. Live on the West side of Atlanta in a remote hood. Black African history month cultural conscious report with Bomani. We dialog about how we connected to promote traveling to Africa and black consciousness. Our brother Safari goes into detail about making real black power moves and building a strong black Africa.
The journey to the motherland introduces you to a vibrant Africa with a mix of roots, culture, paradise, night life, shopping, networking, business and investment opportunities. Subscribe to our YouTube channel and get all of the video highlights at View our photo galleries on FB at Visit our website for details on future Africa Tours & Investments at


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  1. White people are always going there to Africa since the 1500s and have never stopped going, yet they tell false horror stories about Africa to keep the real descendants of Africa in the diaspora from going home to live, work and build businesses and connect to the soil of their origin and be at peace in their souls and lives. Brother Safari has hit a rich seam of treasure in thought and mind and knowledge and consciousness.

  2. African Americans should really check the statement a certain Zbigniew Brzezinski said, warning the white American government to discourage blacks from going, working, investing and helping Africa. That man foresaw what could happen to Africa if black Americans go and unite with Africans in Africa. Thanks brothers…please check what that white man said and how it's affecting black Americans!!!

  3. This is exactly what I have been saying. We need our own everything. Seaports, rail lines, football leagues for both footballs, military, government……nation. Our ancestors clearly spelled it out


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