Umar Johnson Denied Canned Interviews: Identical To Denying Rubber Duckie To A 2-Yr. Old!

#1-@1:20:39 to 1:22:39 mins-Umar unravels/disses host

#2-@13:32 mins-Umar unravels,disses hosts
#3-@18:31 mins- Umar unravels,disses hosts

#4-@9:10 to 17:32 mins Umar gets booted for dissing host


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  1. Pay your child support and spend time with your kids despite you said not paying you sickening and disrespectful to others you act like you the only person to lean on get off your hype or the pipe

  2. Never met an intelligent brother that can't have a decent conversation.The constant interruptions and overtalking are the trademarks of the pseudo and pooty tang brothers.Ptah was millions of years ago , wow how old are the oldest writings dated?PHD yeah right .Ptah wasn't the head of the group of many deities they had, so I supposed to put the bible down to have a God for every little thing?Which God taught you thievery Mr Johnson? no matter, you better pray to the African God of bondage!!

  3. Fuck umar tell him to get the money from the african because he dont fuck with ados.he get his stats from the white man instead of his own research team

  4. The radio host said …… get him outta here !!!!!! Umar johnson turned a mild mannered radio host into a state of hysteria in no time flat . Just think what he'll do the little boys ? Umar johnson is not the move .

  5. 🗣@4:04 secs..Jermaine just inadvertently diagnosed himself !
    Jermaine’s monologue on Single Mothers ,if you close your eyes you might as well be at CPAC or any other ‘G.O.P’ event with his statistics & alleged facts he’s presenting us with!

  6. This man wants to teach children. I can see him talk to the parents and teachers in this way. Children are led by example. He will be teaching them to be rude and disrespectful. It’s their way or the highway, just like their leader. I know there will be no school but just think if a trouble youth was listening to this and looked up to this man. 😞

  7. 🗣6 Degrees of derailing questions asked to you Jermaine!
    We are witnessing when a conman comes into contact with other intelligent individuals in the Community!
    I believe Kelis summed it up in her song “Caught out there!” 🎤🎶
    That curtain is descending with increased speed on Jermaine’s performance!👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

  8. Who is the lady who’s got big Ol Jermaine stumbling & a bumbling on the back foot ? Tremendous !! 🗣@1:36 secs..The only reason Jermaine your bringing this up is because that is your major demographic who donate to you!
    You couldn’t give a damn about the individuals & Families this will affect only your future cash flow problem!💯. ⏰⏰⏰‼️

  9. This was very painful to listen to – there was no real conversation!!! UJ does not have the personality or temperament to run any school. He only wants to hear his thoughts and that is a scary thought.

    Note to all radio hosts… have a mic cut off or mute button!!! Let him talk to himself…

  10. Im not interested talking about religion because its verifiable and i don't like anything that can be verified or referenced in retrospect to my arguments. Next question please!

  11. His kids comes from a single parent home. So what is he trying to change smdh. Not all black kids are at risk or from a single parent home. He needs to get a grip. Black kids are not a charity case.

  12. Im been against Dr. Umar for awhile when he start talking about a school… actually it was a boarding school but as we all know that has change now. Its a regular grade school now. The tag you place when Umar is debating with the host was terrible. In my opinion it helped his agenda, she's debating the wrong things and saying the wrong things… especially the classic all lives matter. He's always gonna win the debate when it comes to compare gay agenda to black and or religion… Idk why ppl even bring up these topics with him its a losing battle… you have to focus on the school and the process of running a school… Thats how you expose him, because him talking about the poor single mothers and fathers, how in the hell these parents gonna afford tuition? Does he want them to borrow from uncle sam for grade school education? Thats how you challenge him, not with religion and comparing agendas..

  13. This is coming from a man who DOES NOT raise his kids. If he feels this way about single parent homes, why won’t he fight to raise his child then? I cannot stand this dude.

  14. This is the man child that wants black woman to put their young suns in his hands to teach them and he cant even have a healthy fair honest debate. He is beyond immature..


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