Is black consciousness for BLACK WOMEN?

Its a lot of frauds in the b1 family. It’s ok for them but not for us. recorded 4pm est 11.6


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  1. "It's not like I'm bald head" smh. Baby I apologize for how we've let you down. I love you. But I would suggest you dive deep into study. Dr. Wellsing, Dr. John Henrik Clarke, Angela Davis(early years). Also study deeply into any damn thing that interests you. You'll wake up….if my girl is bald headed I'll take that as long as she not coverin her true self with some white bytch hair. Point blank. The energy you give out is the energy you attract.
    I hope you get over that hurt

  2. No it's not, it only benefits black men and they're interest. Black women need to get out of this herd mentality and think for self and one own direction. Black men been trying to gather black men and women for different purposes, wanting to follow other races of men.

    And if you read Yahweh's word, this is why he fired Hebrew descendant men and all our folks went into curses. Yahweh threw the women to all men but Israel is still born through our wombs regardless of race of father and other nations of women (who breed with black men) created bastards to our bloodlines.

    The white race is gonna accept those biracial kids cause they're born into the white race through white women. The mtdna that's only IN women's eggs attaches the kids to the race, look up mtdna that's the race not chromosomes. Those biracial kids off black men with other races of women aren't black cause their mothers eggs attaches them to her race not ours, the black women's eggs breeds only the black race.


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