Peter Gabriel – Biko – Live at Amnesty International 1988

Peter Gabriel performs “Biko” live at the River Plate Stadium in Buenos Aires Argentina on the final night of the Amnesty International Human Rights Now tour (October 15, 1988).


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  1. En esos tiempos si se luchaba por los derechos humanos, cuando la población civil los padecía
    ahora hasta los delincuentes tienen derechos humanos.
    siempre los artistas de renombre y desinteresadamente se hacen solidarios con las causas justas, en su mayoría europeos y americanos

  2. How ANY artist could have played South Africa back then. Simply inexcusable. Money was no substitute for a clear conscience. Thankfully those days are long gone. Thank you Peter Gabriel for your role.

  3. i watched a version of this done in 2005 (cannot remember where exactly, certainly a European Country), and the crowd was almost unmoved by this song, i was almost offended by it

  4. When Peter starts to sing in his chanting gabrielese style at the beginning of the song, that's when I know why I love this guy so much :-). So much emotion, such passion… A great man 🙂

  5. grandi uomini , come Biko , o come quante donne assassinate per i loro diritti , geni come Peter continuate la vostra testimonianza a farceli ricordare .. voi artisti non mollate grazie

  6. 80s' stadium rock brought a lot of bombast and contrived "anthems" … this is not one of them ….. beautiful version of a moving song … great crowd to.


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