Dr Aubrey Mokoape's address to the Black Students Movement

While Dr Mokoape was in town for a colloquium, the Black Students Movement at the university currently know as Rhodes invited him to address them about issues of Black Consciousness and student activism.

The Black Students Movement was formed initially in solidarity with the #RhodesMustFall protests at the University of Cape Town but has since grown to be a champion for transformation at Rhodes University.

Dr Aubrey Mokoape is an activist of Black Consciousness Movement (BCM). He was arrested on the 21 March 1960 Sharpville Day Protest, an anti pass law demonstration, alongside Robert Mangaliso Sobukhwe. He was only 16 years when he first set his foot in a prison cell. He was sentenced to three years.
On his release, he went to Natal Medical School, argued with the likes of Steve Biko to leave National Union of South African Students (NUSAS).

He told Steve Biko and other black students of a need to form a black student formation in this country. Biko refuse to leave NUSAS
Biko and his comrades attended a NUSAS Conference at Rhodes University in 1967 and they were not allowed to sleep on campus, they were forced to stay in a township church.

They came back from Rhodes University, having subjected to racist laws of this country and of Rhodes University, they met with Dr Aubrey Mokoape and together they formed South African Students Movement and the rest of the BC Movement.

He was again arrested in 1974 for his activism in what is known SASO – BPC trial and was sentenced ten years imprisonment to Robben Island.
On his release he was barred from practicing medicine because the Medical Council Board said he was a terrorist. This was later overturned and he opened a surgery in a township to work with the community of Umlazi.

Dr Mokoape remains one of the intellectual giants and embodies in him both Robert Sobukhwe and Steve Biko ideas.


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