Dreadlocks & Spirituality (Sacred Connections)

Ten Nebula is a locktician. She styles/starts dreadlocks for all hair types (i.e. afro-textured, wavy, straight, curly, gray, thin, thick, etc.). She specializes in natural afro-textured hair. She has been growing her locs for over 7 years. She has her own dreadlocking business.

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Comment (17)

  1. I don't have locs but I do put my hair in bandeau knots or braids sometimes and I notice the difference in focus as well. I feel stronger and more intuned when my hair is notted. Thanks

  2. how do you feel about gay people wearing locs and do you kno about the seventy seven commandments that come with wearing locs am bajan and dreads are spiritual please lets keep it that way peace

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  4. does that work for braided hair too? im italian+irish/german but we're all on the dark side n i got like italian/asian hair, semi-average thickness but a lot of hair and straight, ive tried locking a few times but found it difficult cuz ots so straight, but do braids give same spiritual effect?

  5. The you said having locs are more like a oneness very great way in thinking of it. Unique. I see you truly understand the real meaning of the journey and that is great. Your locs look great by the way. Locs are more than just a hairstyle, They are a way of life.


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