SABC TV Broadcast 7th Dec 1977

A furniture insert and most interesting of all the late night News!
Carlton Centre Bombing, Steve Biko, Concord and more. Finally managed to transfer this old footage onto a digital format. Had it in the back of our cupboard since 1977 when my grandparents were featured in a furniture insert on SABC. They clearly let the tape run and went to bed – recording not only their insert but the news as well – and what an interesting day it was. These are just snippets from that recording.


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  1. WOW! That closing scene with the Brixton tower and the News jingle really took me on a bit of a time travel. Definitely the oldest footage I've seen. Must ask, where did you get this?

  2. Hi, Carolyn, I'm looking for some very specific footage from the early days of SA TV. It would be great to connect so I can discuss this with you further as your parents may have recorded it. SJ

  3. First time I heard of that Carlton Centre bombing. It must have been by the ANC. I went to the Carlton Centre once in the 1970's. I thought it was good.

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