Read this letter from the Fredrick Douglas family denying Umar Johnson as a relative.


A Kia Greene Exclusive Check out the findings of Umar Johnson seeing is believing the school will not ever open once this information is seen it’s a Rap!! The Prince Of Pan Pizza is done stick a fork in him he is Finished #drumar #fdmg #drumarjohnson


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  1. Stolen for Africa: wtf are you smoking or drinking I have NEVER done any drugs of any kind…. I think you got us confused with Umar the white horse riding Johnson….

  2. This man is educated and well spoken. He has the ability to make people believe in him and donate to his cause. I just don't understand how someone could ever be so self centered and evil to prey on those in need. He has everything going for himself and he's just to busy blowing it.

  3. if umar had common sense he would have known he would get caught one day. I do not deal with anyone who do not believe in consequences of his or her behavior

  4. What about the facts that stuff you presented come from the law society I don't believe in the bible and never took a oath sorry you move just like the Jesuit,umar just like any other con man small time,I AM coming for the big fjsh

  5. Kia: I got your message on my channel but deleted it since it had an email address. Due to safety, I'm unable to send a direct email. To initiate contact; you can hit me up on Twitter (@AntiAfro) with a DM message (where there's a private group) or you can secure email mail via the YouTube app. Google "Sending email thru YouTube." I tried it on your channel but an email function wasn't prompted.

  6. If neno brown shut down the carter and donated his drug money to open a school for black boys I would support it . The public schools our kids go to are opened and ran by rapist , drug users and sales men etc !

  7. This has nothing to do with him opening a school for black boys . I ask is she going to open a school for black boys ? Fuck no the bitch not she going to attack any black man for trying to .

  8. All y’all idiots listening to a bitch who telling you information yet not showing you information . You can’t see shit on the video . A lot of people have had transgressions . If she going to show him and his family information she should be showing her own ! This bitch a corny feminist working fir the white Jews and white suprimacist aka conservatives !

  9. Do me a favor. Every one thats in here run this same background check on your pastor thats getting 10% each week from the congregation. Do you guys ask your pastor what he does with the "donations" each week? Ill wait

  10. Ha, only a moron will continue to support Umar. But Umar has a lot of morons following him. They will do any mental gymnastics it takes to ignore facts and ride this idiot train to failure. Many people wised up and stopped supporting him but more continue to like the loyal sycophants they are.

  11. So u exposed umar's past… What next? How does that help the black community.. Why not expose the corrupt politicians.. Why not expose everybody else who not doing a shit to help a falling race… When are u people gonna wake up…

  12. There's no way that's him. They wouldn't have let him no where near a school. He definitely would not have been able to work for the state as a clinical psychologist. I think you have the wrong person sweetheart.

  13. There would be no white supremacy if we went as hard to tear it down as we do each other… Still no school, stop sending your money! Simple! They give us all the tools we need to destroy ourselves… For the world to see!

  14. Umar yo bro you can come get those 3 for the price of 1 lap dance special at the Shady Ladies Strip Club and Fish Market where you can buy a fish dinner and a Stripper that smells like fish ! Can I get a Amen from the Congregation of fisherman That Love A Stripper that smells like fish

  15. I am not a fan of Umar's, and upon further investigation, I now believe that the offense of Possession of Cocaine does not belong to him. The case number is 18CR3272, and the name of the defendant is OMAR YUSEF ABDULLAH/UMAR ABDULLAH. According to Instant Checkmate, the above-listed case number is listed as belonging to Umar Johnson, but when I went to the Dekalb County website and checked the name, it stated that OMAR YUSEF ABDULLAH/UMAR ABDULLAH was the offender, I ran the name UMAR ABDULLAH through Instant Checkmate, and a lengthy criminal history came back in the Dekalb County Courts. Umar R. Abdullah-Johnson is based in Philadelphia, PA. not Atlanta, GA. These findings mean that the 2018 drug arrest was "NOT" Umar.

  16. As a Blasian let me say this.
    The most honorable Elijah Muhammad vigorously loved Black people so much that he built up a multi million dollar empire which kissed Blacks,
    employed Blacks, nurtured Blacks,
    fed Blacks, educated Blacks,
    cleaned up Blacks, supported Blacks, catered for Blacks, housed Blacks –
    Other than our beautiful brothers,
    prophet Noble Drew ali (pbuh) and
    Marcus Garvey (pbuh), no one did more for Blacks in America than the
    most honorable Elijah Muhammad.
    Man, i miss him so much.
    And guess what, like an animal in heat the most honorable Elijah Muhammad set about working ferociously with teachings and programs to back it up his care for Blacks.
    Talk about committment!
    Rest in paradise Elijah Muhammad my beautiful Black warrior.
    You may not have got everything right my king but your contribution to the upliftment of Blacks in America was truly massive and truly monumental.
    Man, i know you are looking down from heaven smiling at us when we Blacks love and help eachother as you tirelessly taught us to – right to the end.
    I'll never forget you my soldier.


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