(2018) Dr. Amos Wilson Explains Black sellouts Oprah ,Jay z, Ray Lewis, Michael Jordan, and more!

http://Twitter.com/drremix1 join the movement! This was the man (Dr Amos Wilson) that awakened my mind and set it free so, I must return the favor. I offer to you the promotion of his words here on youtube. Please like, share and comment your thoughts. Let us have a long, fulfilling and profound conversation right here on youtube. Black sellouts are among us, but let us not shame or crucify them. Let us instead share insight in hopes to enlighten them.


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  1. We're watching the destruction of our race, our nation, in slow motion and our political leaders at the top, the celebs, entertainers, the athletes, are paid well to facilitate this yet ignore it.

  2. I really appreciate and totally accept the knowledge given; as you stated, "let's not shame them… Let's share in hope to enlighten them". Great solution. We can't throw our people away or turn our backs on them. Our divine ancestors and elders. Didn't turn away from us. The knew we'd drown. Some sooner than other's. But they stayed determined and committed to keep they're hands in the troubled waters. And pull us out. I came across Dr. Wilson, around the same time I discovered Dr. Ray Hagins, and Kaba Kamene and many others. As I finally woke up in 2013

  3. When the African American people were brought here as slaves and servants, for hundreds of years it was considered a crime to teach or be caught teaching anyone of color how to read and write. Some how we did learn, because learning is a human trait, and even though they wanted us to feel less than, we are human, and we did learn how to read and write, although it was about Huck Finn, Tom Sawyer and all the other European settlers, both fiction and Non. Fast forward, blacks grew more intelligent to this so called civilized world, while wanting to learn more about themselves and people who look just like them. Fast forward, African American children are tired of learning about lies so yes they are dis-interested, which would seem unteachable to the one who's teaching the lies.

  4. Public schools teach kids to sit down and shut up. The most important role the students fulfill is being present so that the adults in schools can make their living off "teaching" them. No public school teaches how to develop a business. They only equip you to work in one.

  5. They should only be addressed the same way black libs address black Conservitives….Uncle Tom's and house….for the fact 2 blackface Klansman DNC pols are still in power in W. Virginia should be enough proof.

  6. It's okay to talk about the Empowerment of all people but WHITE people. Cultures and ethnicities get ahead through hard work and not worrying about what other people or cultures are doing. Focusing on what WHITE people did or do will get you know where. WHITE people are not a system of control or holding anyone down. Stop looking at WHITE people as the enemy and get to fucking work

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  8. As Afro-Americans we got to get pass comparative equations. Always searching for validity of our well being through equality and rights equal to that of European people. Stop measuring ourselves to what we don’t do or have as compared to them. Sometimes it helps to be your own individual who just so happens to be blessed by being different. Seeing accomplishment in terms of race is destructive as white supremacy.

  9. This doesn’t explain if Oprah , Jay z , or Michael Jordan and etc is a sell out. It simply informs you of European philosophy over Afro-American philosophy doesn’t do much to take leadership and control in our own community. His thoughts are simply consumption doesn’t lead to equality but productive thinking and producing possibly can. Just because someone has more of a prosperous life than you doesn’t make them a sellout.

  10. China is going for mastery. I've been finding myself think of race in different contexts now that Asian is inserting itself into the situation. Amazing reflective thought I've had lately. I'm going to keep trying to be a master too.


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