Black Consciousness vs Fentanyl and Oxycontin

The level of illicit drug addiction in society is soaring at alarming levels. Highly addictive drugs such as Fentanyl and OxyContin are two of the deadlier drugs that are now responsible for thousands of deaths across North America. Authorities are scrambling feverishly to find solutions to the problem but I don’t believe they will because none of the solutions I’ve heard so far addresses the real problem. So, what is the root cause of drug addiction in society and how do we as individuals achieve happiness using drugs without killing ourselves in the process?
The first thing that we need to understand about human existence is that we exist as part of a Life entity which we feed with information and receive happiness as a reward. We may come up with all sorts of explanations for our individual purposes in life but our physical instincts will always remain the same. Our Senses affect our Hormones and our Hormones affect our Cells.
Drug addiction occurs when Brain Cells that are responsible for triggering the release of hormones (Dopamine in particular) to facilitate happiness become damaged. Cell damage often occurs due to over-stimulation from outside triggers. The Cells then get stuck in an uncontrollable cycle of calling for triggering to release Dopamine. Read more at


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