Brother Keston once again breaks down a very important topic with relative ease to make it easily digestible to the masses. The bottom line is that most of the food that we are eating has been downgraded to cheap calories without the whole nutrition and deeply embedded messages that are essential on a cellular level that connect the physical with the spiritual in order to vibrate on a higher level on this plane.

This hijacking of our food causes us to be docile and easy to control. It takes away our critical thinking skills and intuition to make us a sitting duck for whatever agenda the powers that be have at any given time.

If you are really honest with yourself you must admit that the lines of our sexual identities as a whole have been blurred and most are so preoccupied with the frivolous foolishness of the day that our lives have absolutely no direction as we have simply become carnal creatures who chase the hedonistic endeavors without any clue as to the consequences of our actions on a long term basis because we are only thinking of the next quick fix and dose of pleasure that is fleeting at best.

Listen deeply to Brother Keston’s shared wisdom because in my book it is some of the most authentic words that you will hear in cyberspace without question!


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  1. The wholefoods downtown metro area have met better produce that the low end grocery stores in ghetto communities. Not saying it's better but definitely fresher. And if black people prioritize their spending better they could eat much better. I've seen teens in the hood with Jordan's, LeBrons, etc so I'm sure their mom could buy some organic bananas at 68 cents per lb.
    We have to stop making the money excuses unless were gonna stop buying dumb phones as Brother Keston says, high end sneakers made in China, weaves from Korean stores, Chinese food, weed anf alcohol habits and white holidays etc.

  2. Thank you BROTHER. All truth. Whites folks killing us slowly… People please listen carefully.. Tell it brother….Very good knowledge… My Lord we just talk about this yesterday… Thank you Lord..

  3. Omg! So looked up Monsanto n they own 71 products that we consume on a daily basis which have GMO’s He so right! Wth can we eat ? Time to grow ur own food or drive to farmers market 👍

  4. This is so informative! You must be conscious of what you are putting in your body! They even try to kill you with bottle water. I bought some Dasani water thinking oh I want better water choice; well, I found out real quick. That trash has salt, magnesium sulfate, potassium chloride, and other crap! Threw it out👉🏽. I was like what the hell is this. Spring water doesn't need this man made shit. I was pissed. All I can say is read, read, research.

  5. we used to grow all kinds of things when i was in primary school and this was recently like 2004-2010 we never bought most things, it was either on your tree or on your neighbours tree… now 80% of those seeds wont reproduce, only fruits like mangos reproduce and its most of the trees were planted way before these chemicals… and i'm from South Africa… heard them talking about food shortage recently and we not buying it

  6. If you live in the USA or in places where you can’t grow your own food year round you become dependent on what is available which is never good for you.
    The fast food kills you faster Rastafari been saying this from day one.
    Marijuana Heals, Rastafari been saying this from day one,
    Selassie is King.
    Blessed people.

  7. It is true the people who came up with the saying “you are want you eat” was the Roman Catholicism pope system. Then they turn around and give us GMO when you reverse it is OMG today.

  8. In Africa during my young age we eat what we grow our parent dont need any thing come from abrod .we eat what we grow but know they are bringing all kind of food to Africa just to destroy our health we need to be verry fearful of what we eat give thanks for the message

  9. This is facts I been awakening and every since I been one month in no meat fruits and veggies I’m seeing things totally different I feel better way better than I normally do I move better it’s amazing I’m glade I found this channel I watch it faithfully

  10. Before intergration. When our black communities had our own black schools in PE classes we went thought different kind of classes we were healthy we really had to exercise we weren't over weight. What ever season a particular sports was in we learn and played that sport doing that season including archery, track and then it became a time when it was cold outside we were inside the gym still getting healthy. The class we didn't have to dress out for but still exercising our brain was health class we had tests on what we learn you had to pass it to. We learn alot in our health classes. Now these children don't exercise their mind body or souls. Only if they sign up to be on different sports team and it's really sad that our children are over weight getting sick and dieing because of lack of exercise eating healthier and our families too. Family we need to make changes in our life and diet exercise or just walk. We need to take better care and watch what we intake in our bodies because the way things are now we might have to run from a situation to save our life. And to live longer. 💕💞❤


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