#ADOS as Anti-Black Escapism— Part 1

One must be unambiguously black to be ADOS. Otherwise, at best, you are an ally. At worst, you aid in the erasure and genocide of black people here in the U.S. and around the world—-intentionally or not.

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  1. Actually the only factually dated history of blacks mistreating other blacks are when the black Americans were taken back to Liberia 🇱🇷 they ended acting exactly like the white supremacist.

    This ADOS movement main focus is African/black immigration when in really Its the lowest amounts of immigration of people that are coming to America the larges migrants to America are Asians/ Hispanics ( white hispanics) and Europeans which has been growing for decades. Whilst the black immigrants are the most in getting deported.

    The fact that Yvette is part of the far right movement called progressive for immigration reform is not surprising since her rhetoric sow focuses on the immigrants that can threaten white genes.

    Tell me when Yvette and these ADOS make an case about these white classified immigrants they only come and be all rara towards black immigrants that go under the same classification. Fucking sambo coons

  2. Please watch the first video on this channel and/or read the paper linked in its description there before commenting on the following:

    1. Whether race is real or merely a social construct

    2. Whether I or anybody has the right to define who is a black person

    3. Whether people who looked mixed are now or have ever been treated similarly to unambiguously black people .

    Given the mantle-depth hole we black people must dig ourselves out of, we should strive for an efficient use of time in all we do.

  3. #ADOS is not a race. It is an ethnicity. So whether you think of Yvette as Black or not, it does not mean she isn’t #ADOS and her family was not affected by slavery, sharecropping, Jim Crow and the many other systematic things that were targeted against #ADOS people. You want to say that the USA targetted “Black” people, but you need to understand that those “Black” people very much so looked like Yvette and many other lighter skin people , and as the data Yvette and Antonio Moore continues to bring it’s a specific “Black” people—- #ADOS people. #ADOS IS A MIXED GROUP. It is you who wants to hold on to the term “Black” but the reason why we as #ADOS reject that term in this specific conversation of what the USA owes is because it allows ALL BLACK people to act as if they too were enslaved in the USA and experienced Jim Crow. We understand that Nigerians experience racism, we get that—- but we need to ask WHICH NIGERIANS are a part of the elites who sold slaves and oppressed their own people? How can a “Black” Nigerian from such a background dare attempt to overspeak and compete with a light skin #ADOS concerning the specifics of what the USA did to #ADOS people?! How can they check the box to get Affirmative Action, which was meant to correct damage done to the #ADOS community? I completely understand your point of the phenotype of Blackness. I understand that light skin people with non 4c hair should not be the IMAGE of Blackness rooted in West Africa… But that is a different conversation. Colorism, racism, and heritage are very different conversations. If it has just been revealed to you that certain light skin people aren’t really “Black,” how does that erase the segregation and other systematic damage done to their families because they were considered Black/Negro/“OneDroppedEnough”? It doesn’t.

  4. Bottom Line, ADOS BLACKS want their Reparations! SHUN and Ignore Anti-ADOS minions!!!! Foreign or Domestic. Even ADOS Anti-ADOS minions. The Foreigners and their AMERICAN Born speaking spawns are mad over what their not Eligible 4…..Don't Fall 4 their fake fault finding guilty Trips..know damn well they don't give a Phuck about your ADOS BLACK AZZ!!!!!!

  5. I hear what you're saying but you did not prove that Yvette Carnell is not black. What led you to say this? Is it because she's extremely light? She may not be Bill Duke black or have 90% "black DNA" but she's not definitely not a white woman. With that kinky hair I don't think so.

  6. Sis I just heard that Yvette Carnell has been exposed as being a member of the right wing think tank PFIR, a known front group for white nationalist John Tanon's FAIR ( Federation for American Immigration Reform), please make a video about it , for more info go to Twitter n check @ImaniKushan page, she got screenshots of Yvette being a member of this anti black immigrants organization, that's explain why she always been hateful towards African/Carribean immigrants

  7. Carnel is wrong bout ADOS cuz the movement is too exclusive. It must apply to the 150 yrs after slavery and to the descendants of all Afrikans fighting and suffering here during that time. But she looks like a sista to me. I strongly disagree with dividing us based on melanin content. Light skin to Dark skin we are all the same. Beautifully black. And excellently Afrikan. Black Jesus. One.

  8. I hate repeating this brief biographical sketch of myself , but here I go again . In the 70s to early 80s I studied Theoretical & Mathematical Biosciences . In particular Evolutionary molecular biology . One problem in protein folding was going from genotype to phenotype ( which remains poorly understood ) ; nevertheless White Scholars using so – called infallible results of DNA testing have convinced a large swath of Black folks that they're now 10 % , 15% , or 47% Euro – Caucasian ! But here's thing : we Black have the greatest diversity in our DNA and the most original so how did we get to be 10 % , 15 % , or 47 % Euro – Caucasian why not say that Goode Ole' White Folks ( or Asian or any other non Africoid person this planet ) have 10 % , 15 % , or 47 % Africoid DNA why not ?????!!!! By the way that's scientific factzzzz ……

  9. Excellent questions sister. One question I ask is what Ados plans to do when white people come and take their shit back.

    Money doesn't fix black traitorism, or the epidemic of promiscuity while hating commitment, or our love of the white man.

    Those white people have a history of going to war against us when we get it together. How will these reparations protect us from tanks.

    Also how do we prevent these reparations from turning into brainwashing programs like welfare?

  10. https://amosmagazine.wordpress.com/2017/08/06/august-5-2017-the-founding-of-aapf-and-establishment-of-yellow-black-and-lime-green-as-the-flag-that-represents-the-children-of-black-men-and-black-women/
    This Flag Was Founded August 5. 2017 to represent the children of the union of Black men and Black women. This flag represents heterosexual Black people regardless of where they were born as long as they are clear descendants of Africans from time in memorial. This flag is not for Black Homosexuals, Blacks in interracial unions, Blacks loyal to European Nations, AAPF does not believe in the term biracial-African or being born in Africa makes you African. AAPF is not for people who have black in them. We don’t respect the Hebrew, Spanish or Portuguese languages. We don’t believe God created World Leaders or Powers of this world. We believe God gives everyone a right to rise up and create what they wish. The foundation of this Black Nationalism will not include “good” Whites, Whites friendly to the cause or any other non-Blacks. We believe in the union of highly functional educated Black men and women who seek power and to overthrow our enemies regardless of race. The Foundation of African Centeredness is the bond between Black women and Black men which create the Black Nation. The Holy Union is the Black man, Black woman, and Black child, anytime that union is broken the destruction of Black people begins!

  11. Yvette Carnell is not a Black woman, she is trying to use Blacks to get ahead! Mulattoes like her destroyed the last independent African Kingdom! Africans have brown to black skin with African textured hair!


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