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LanceScurv is an Culture Critic, Podcast Host, Blogger, Cartoonist & Social Media Activist and Vegan who focuses on the issues that THE BLACK NATION face the world over that the Mainstream Media is deathly afraid to touch!

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Comment (30)

  1. The white demons on my job keeps the Black people upset and angry at each other. When I try to tell the oldest colored ‘oman about what’s happening she says they are her soul sisters. So I go ahead and let her do all the talking. The other Black woman is the manager but she knows a little, but still I don’t say too much.
    The job is getting a little miserable and am venturing into self-employment!

  2. Your nurse practitioner (didn’t get her name), what does she think about taking hair and nail vitamins while eating a plant-based diet?

    My hair suffers when I’m off meat a long time.

  3. Thank you Brotha Keston I already do as you say. I’ve welcomed Haitian people in the grocery store they were surprised and receptive however Africans aren’t as receptive.

  4. Bwoy brother Kwaku, I live in Jamaica and work in a private school and I'm so disheartened about the state of our people's minds, the brainwashing goes deeep. Politicians anger me because they're just building on the legacy of slavery. HOW do we get out of this mess?? For those of us awake, it's depressing, but the work cannot stop, I always look for opportunities to speak to someone. The struggle is real.

  5. So true. I've started a family with a white man. Because I felt the division in the black community, because they did not accept me because I was a foreigner. So I felt pushed away from the black community. I'm just now embracing my roots and my people. WE ARE ONE!

  6. I would like you tubers to start focusing on and teaching others
    of the white elite's background, characteristics, motivations, attitued and main objective in life on the surface of planet earth.
    people are being fooled on a regular bases because they done really know the white man's main motovation in life and in religion.
    If the governments are not Religous but allow religions to excersize there religious faith without any proof there god that will be accept as proof by a impartial supreme court judge
    in a government cout of law.
    D lion

  7. Every thing as been manufacture and structure by our enemies in different shape and form. Bro this slave ships business is a misnomer, we had lived everywhere on this planet, we did govern and lead every on four corners of this plane….When they say that so-called god scattered us, I do not subscribe to that, because we lived on all continent and were the rulers for hundreds of thousands of years. I also do not buy into this 400 years because from the time of the first invasion on the African soil, namely the so-called Middle east, Iran, Iraq, Egypt, Syria, etc. Their ere 142 tribes that lived on the African continent, 138 are still living there. The Kemetic/Nubian people are made up of 4 tribe, these four tribes are not the same people as those living on the African soil today. These four tribes are the children of Aset/Asar and descendants of the rulers of Ancient Africa. Our enemies goes back 3000 years and the black race hundreds of thousands of years. When we spread civilisation on this plane, we became the rulers and leaders over those people we that we found living like a dog in caves and mountains, it is we who civilised this whole plane, After these people gave knowledge, they decided to removed us, by killing and forcing us out, this is the facts.

  8. Dear Brother Kwaku. How can one mend a "rotten" apple to make it good?
    How can one make a "Good" sauce out of bad apples?
    What purpose would a bad and rotten thing serve to a developing Nation?
    It is not all the apples in the bushel at hand that are good.
    Perhaps it is high time we sort out the rotten apples from the "Good apples" and try to make a Sweet tasting Nutritious sauce for a Proud & Dignified Healthy Nation to cherish and appreciate.
    Too many people have sold their souls for vanity and there is no turning back.
    You cannot dine with Satan, simply get up, say thank you and walk away. No way, Jose!
    Why waste precious time trying to "feed pearls to swine"…Good luck!

  9. stop imitating the imitators. that makes zero sense. logic overrides emotion. mental plane over astral. i helped brothers and sisters at work all the time but they never repay the favor. tired of that shit because they unconscious but i would do it again even though conscious people rarely get the love back. my mother is about to die because of the lifelong stress from being good to people and never getting it back. we treat good people like crap and it needs to stop.

    i don't even speak to black females from the Caribbean. damn they uppity as hell. they act like we did something to them. all i did was be born. damn………

    most blacks don't want to build anything for ourselves. we want to escape being black and become a credit to our race for whites. sad…..

  10. True and they work 24/7 to break up the family. Watch out because it's serious, if they destroy or distract two family members, you cant get anywhere because they will go against the best interest of the family or be trauma programmed which is intense because they will need serious healing.

  11. Thank you my brother, Black People suffering because of DIVISION. ADOS NEED TO CHANGE their name to BDOS! All Black people deserve Reparations no matter where we live in the WORLD!!!! UNITED We Stand Divided We Fall!


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