How To Open Yourself To The Higher Consciousness

With a side order of boobs lol this tutorial shows you how to open up your Pineal Gland to Spirit using playing cards.
Tea Leaves/Coffee Reading: using ancestral ability and a clear photo of your cup I can read your past, present and future in the leaves. £45

Pets: I can read your pets just like I can read you. If you send me a photo I can tell you what your pet thinks and what they see for your future. £75 per pet per reading.

Dream Interpretation: All dreams can be interpreted to predict you or guide your future and even serve as warnings to us.

I can interpret your dream to weave it into a story so you know the next course of action to take.

£20 per dream or pay a monthly fee of £100 for up to 20 dreams interpreted.

Palm Reading: Send me clear photos of your hand and I’ll let your palm tell your story. £46

READING Sessions: If your looking for guidance in making the right choices in your life then I’m here to help you. Using gifts that date back many generations I can help light your path. I’m internationally recognised. My gift is unique and my knowledge on the Paranormal extensive so there is nothing I can’t explain to you in a way you’ll understand.

I never walk away until you understand your reading and everything I have said to you. Helping you find happiness with the choices you make is my goal.

£75 for 1hr on Skype or Phone or £55 for 30 minutes or

10 questions for £75 or 7 questions for £55 via email. All Readings are done within 48hrs of payment.
Psychic Life Coaching SESSIONS:
If your suffering from depression or would like to open up your connection to Spirit and use that connection to understand your journey beyond this one then book a session. Using the techniques I developed I will help you tap into your higher self so you can better understand your Spiritual journey in this life and the next.
Looking at past lives, phobias and childhood experiences I help you find the balance of the psychological and psychic mind which in turn enhances your relationship to your higher self and those around you.

£75 per hour.

Or £100 for a 2hr one off consultation to get you started on your Spiritual journey.


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  1. When your holding up the card & guessing what it is do you mean what suit (hearts, clubs, diamonds or spades) or the suit & exact number on the card ????

  2. Would you be interested in wearing anything custom made in latex or leather…?? Have you ever tried on latex clothing before? Your breasts are just so beautiful!! Your very sexy…☽⚝☾😉


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