It's Time To Retire Rap And Hip Hop Music

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  1. There is nothing wrong with the art form of hiphop . The problem is that it's not about the music anymore it's about the image of being a gangster. It limits creativity when artists have to live in a box.

  2. It just needs to evolve. I stopped listening to American rappers and looked abroad. AKALA, LOWKEY, MIC RIGHTEOUS and STORMZY all do a Fire in the Booth live. Check it out. That's where we need to be.

  3. I agree it's time to end rap and hip-hop music we about to get into a new decade time to leave that shit behind its been watered down garbage for the past 10-15 years anyways I will not miss it at all if they got rid of it tomorrow. It's time for music as a whole in the mainstream to get to a new era and leave the shittiness behind.

  4. It's not only the music. The biggest consumers of this music are young white people. Why aren't white youths killing each other… Maybe it's something systemic. Nipsey murder had nothing to do with music. Gangster life and lifestyle started way before hiphop was a glint in black people's eyes. Also thug / gangster life style is a direct reaction to poverty. During the days of jazz, blues, and the Charleston there was still gangster shit going on. True in passing decades we may have become more crass and lack decorum when it comes to music. That I do agree with. But the chickens did not come home to roost with nipsey. Nipsey did what you are purposing, he was moving away from the negative aspects even to the point of distancing himself from people or persons who would be detrimental. Thus he was murdered by those detrimental people. If it wasnt for the music nipsey wouldn't be as popular as he was and able to spread the messages he was spreading. If you cut the music you have to cut movies and alot of other types of entertainment out of the community. Your argument is too simple. It's only putting water on one part of the flame…it's not enough to put the fire out.

  5. Im with you and im a guy with music production equipment all around me and raps recorded and written in piles…. I think of a group like Shabazz Palaces as the potential future of rap… hopefully… but as for your statement that we traded A Wonderful World for Gettin Some Head etc…. its that for both eras the music was administered to the public by outside groups.. those groups have with each generation degraded the substance of the culture. For instance sometime around 2001 BET refused to play De La Soul and Poor Righteous Teachers new videos but they had Yin Yang Twins song about a stripper called Salt Shaker in heavy rotation.. from that point the urban music setting was the strip club…. before that I remember in my high school years Salt N Pepa had the song Independent Woman which I saw as divisive and averse to the idea of marriage. At this same time men in songs were players and bragged in such a way as to make women feel undesired for relationships.. so it was a war of the sexes at that time for the Class of 91 generation… From there it went to Snoop with Bitches aint shit but hoes and tricks.. I imagine that a lot of the teen lesbians I saw appear about 10 years later grew up hearing/seeing guys play or chant this lyric and grew to feel like being a woman wasn't desirable or that men wouldn't respect them so subconsciously were pushed to seek love/tenderness etc from another woman.

    Anyway that's a lot I've written.. my point is that from childhood the public is eased into learning to seek culture from these certain venues and these venues are controlled by people who seek to keep us ass backward and unprogressive. Until parents begin to teach their own children and instruct them on a different set of values and to have them thinking outside the box the youth and later adults will continue to eat the mental food pushed out by the big media machines.

    They have the shit down to a science and they have the momentum of the one generation rolling into the next the mindset inculcated in a decade or more of programming. It would take some sort of cataclysm that shuts down media broadcasts for years to break the hypnosis and programmatic momentum.

  6. Rap music and secular music separate Jesus children from Lucifer's children pray for our siblings but over stand ALL these so called rappers are getting their prostate pushed in… just picture ice cube Dr dre PAC jay z blue face down on all fours having gay sex…Stevie wonder to Stevie Knicks…secular music…y'all thought secular music is supposed to uplift? …NO…nwa brought down public enemy…as long as the beautiful black and brown Queens like to shake their ass…they will continue to make the soundtrack….. Single black mothers…..James brown black n proud… Black is a color… Watch for the hook….. If my Hair is black and I'm black how could you see me…hook….we knew this a long time ago…they want to destroy the mist powerful thing on earth…the Village…When we are close we are unstoppable… Sooo they use people from OUR Village to destroy us….Any so called negro that brings our village violence should be destroyed… But you flakey ass niggas soft…We will shoot a nigga quick…but when the so called 12 come round we scared…..fuck rap…let's batter and destroy the lost negros out of our villages….. They have no lyrics….no poetry…no double entendres….no original beats….and never can tell you how to get right…. A single mother who got pregnant via rap music or r and b sex music can't possibly teach a young brown king to be a king…..just a 8 year old nigga twisting his hair holding his pants up by the front like your sorry ass…its deeper than rap or secular music… It's us it's our fault…. They have sneakers at Payless but we won't buy them…same for music we don't have to buy or download…. Fuck music it's us…the one's with Jesus Christ DNA….Watch for the hook brother man…

  7. I agree we got to stop this madness it's destroying these kids making them feel like they Superman and they can't be killed all on drugs dropping out of school early. gangs and killing. Yes they can get rid of it. It's about love anyways. I also believe it's gone be lot of women leaving these men because they feel like they don't want to be in that lifestyle or something similar happing to Nipsey you can't blame them. Rip Nipsey. Also I feel like that's why you see alot of sorry men that don't want to take care of there kids because they looking up to these rappers. Everybody wants to be a rapper it's so sick. Question if it's ruin our communities why support it? we as fans have the power to not support which means we can pull the plug but that's not gone happen cause you got people that idolize these rappers and will die for these rappers and support them to death.

  8. NO NO NO NO – keep it you know who has purposefuly funded filthy rap so that they can force you out.  and then 10 yrs later they'll do the same as they did with jazz.  NO NO NO NO .  It is time to retire filthy noise of any and all genres, anything with a tune mentioning violence needs to be chucked in the bin and rejected.  walk out the club or the bar when they play, walk out the shop when they play it.  But DEFINITELY produce your own positive hiphop and rap.  It exists let the degenerates remain minstrels but the masses need to only attend concerts and shows with constrctive lyrics.

  9. You didnt know who nipsey was up until his death but you can speak on him?🤔 let's be careful, because if your narrative is truly to help black people or be pro black. You must know that black issues are not just what's on the surface. This is not to disparage you, more so to let you know its deeper than what you are claiming.

  10. Black rappers but that’s Jewish music. Every gangster is a puppet. If they own their masters not. Still a puppet. Jewish people made gangsta rap popular for suburban white kids. Black people just got caught up in the hype too. White people changed clothes. Black people started trying to live and out do the next gangster. Shit is sad and pathetic

  11. There are so many things that have been changed for purpose of money including rap music I enjoy old school Mc Lyte, and the great ones to many to name I do agree it has become to much but we the people buy and support the music and artists record labels and all that’s how it get out there

  12. I thought of this when I was in high school and they killed BIGGIE I woke up to it on the news and thought maybe I should stop listening to this shit and went right back to sleep didn’t go to school that day 🤦🏾‍♂️ #BLACKSwegottadobetter

  13. if all the melonated community got on the?same fucking page then things could get accomplished…like not celebrating all these wicked holidays….deciding not to support certain businesses unless they meet certain criterias

  14. This video is FACTS that’s what I’m trying too tell niggas you spoke it . More people need to spread this message the music today influence killing each other , labels know this most are owned by racist agenda is too ruin black community turn to a caucasian radio stations you don’t hear that trash it’s nothing but positive music black men following in the trap some of us are waking up we need more too wake up though


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