Khemetic Science: how to communicate as NTR

You are always in communication with the universe. You should be aware of negative programming. Your emotions are a guidance system.

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To where did the concept of Jesus originate,

To how the alchemical elements show up as bible personages.

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Easy to digest, updated languages so that it is understandable as simple to learn.

Especially good for those that want to teach this knowledge to others because of learning the misunderstood framework that connects this ancient knowledge.

Excellent researched and documented knowledge for leaders, teachers, and pastors that are awakening and need answers for their parishioners.

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  1. @ Beyond The Physical Me: @ 0:46 seconds, "God is a Frequency that Works Within You".
    1. Thank you! This prompts us to remember that Our "Personification of Universal Law" is our Own "Seed (Word/Thought Energy/Conscious Mind) , Womb (Dwelling On/Feeding/Nurturing The Thoughts/Subconscious Mind), and Baby (The Manifestation-Physical Materialization of The Word/Thoughts that we dwell on).

    2. As I integrate from "Christianity" into Khemetic Science Learning (Original Truth), I'm Transforming! Now, this Scripture "1John 4:4 Greater is He that is within me than he that is within the world" is more empowering when I apply the Truth Principle of RA. RA = Omnipotent (All Powerful), Omniscient (All Knowing), Omnipresent (Simultaneously Everywhere), Holy Spirit of the Egyptian Godhead (RA, Amen. Ptah).

    3. Now, when I meditate on 1John 4:4 it means to Me "Greater is RA within me than Lower Frequencies (Vibrations) that are in the world". We renew our minds…we renew our environment! 2 Peter 1:4 is now "I'm A Partaker of the Principle of RA". Proverbs 23:7 is now "As I Think In The Principle of RA (Omnipotent, Omniscient, Omnipresent) So Am I. Wow! This really prompts us to "Guard our thoughts" doesn't it? Our Words (Vibrations/Frequencies) are the seeds that we Plant in our Womb (Subconscious Minds) which manifest into physical materialization. (We don't want to give birth to "Chuckie").

    4. I love Your Courses! It's been very effective for me to see the YouTube Snippets first, followed by completing the courses! This is Very Exciting and Very Effective!!!

    5. I thought about something…Have you considered utilizing "" or "Apple Books" etc. to further disseminate your learning materials! Maybe adding some meditation exercises. I perform a 3-10 mile walk/run and this material would be perfect to meditate on while I'm walking using my IPod Classic! It's so empowering! The Breathing/Exercise coupled with High Frequency Thoughts is High Velocity-Transforming ourselves and our environment!

    I Love You Brother! Your Learning is Uplifting!

  2. The closest I have come to an understanding in all my years. Often wonder why humans personify principals. When it was done here, it was clearly identified as a myth. Thank u so very much for this. Peace

  3. When U sin a bike tire fast enuff the spokes seem to disappear tho U " know" they R "still" there😃spin at a faster rate & they seem to stand "still" tho U " know" they R "still" spinning😇BLESSINGS


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