Nipsey Hussle KRST African Spiritual Science (#NipseyHussle)

The speech that Nipsey Hussle’s mother gave at his memorial shed light on the stolen legacy of African people in America. In under 10 minutes, her simple insights opened the eyes of so many Americans, African Americans in particular, to the reality of cultural displacement and the psychological trauma that causes. That work must continue and that is exactly the kind of work I want to do with people of all cultures through TritopTarot. It’s about having a thorough, honest, and intuitive dialogue to get to the answers that we need.


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  1. We need to keep our secrets off line, we know our enemy need to know where to find us in order to destroy us, If its special we must treat it as such!

  2. Enlightened and educated on what your sharing with the world!!! Thank you for posting this knowledge of information for the world to see …. great work as always cant wait to see more !!!

  3. I've been studying African Spirituality for 3 years now, and I would love to attend a place of worship like that, but living in Mobile, Alabama, there is not a place like that here.

  4. Wow…and now the journey begins, again. This is what you were born and trained to do! Thank you for moving pass your doubts, frustrations, and fears. Thank you for sharing your journey, again! 😘


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