Umar Johnson Pimp-Exploits BLACK Female With Sickle Cell & Makes ILLEGAL Medical Claims.

1-Report Umr’s illegal medical referrals, claims & practices
2-Report Umar’s “educator” misconduct re: illegal medical claims


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  1. Dr of Psychology, Sickle cell expert, Conflict resolutions expert, Political scientist, qualified Baby sitter (God help the kids), Expert Barber, Cushion designer, International business consultant (how to rob donations), Helicopter flying teacher, Historian, Film critic and film maker, Chemicals inspector (toxic waste), Sexologist, Hygiene specialist (hand cleaning after using lavatory), Nobel prize winner for literature (psychoacademics bullshit), the saviour of the Animal Kingdom, Expert marksman, Chemist/Pharmacist (Coke production and distributions), Sport shoe wear seller, and finally, a MASTER OF THE DARK ARTS!!!!! I now understand why we're all very jealous of cuddly little Jermaine Shoemake.

  2. I first was laughing at this shit with him and his lying and hypocrisy, now I'm fucking pissed off. This guy must be arrested and imprisoned. I don't understand what's taking long.

  3. Holy hell he's retarded. Sickle cell is the result of our original natural environment. That disease is no joke. He wants locking up. Who's emailing Foolmar about their sickle cell disease?? Also East Indians can be born with sickle cell or thalassemia (another blood disorder)

  4. There are organizations already created for Sickle Cell research, etc. Best to leverage from them than starting some grassroots situation with Mr. Shady. The woman was looking for help not to be told let's create a foundation. Making medical claims is a no no as he is not a licensed doctor nor would any morally mature doctor diagnose over the phone.

  5. Umar will never stop with the bs, he think he knows everything about every subject but do not know nothing.
    Our people as a whole not all have fallen to an all time low when we allow anyone to treat you like lab rat or frog sad…

  6. This sucker never stops hustling women for sex and money. Told the Sister " Let me jump in on you", this chump doesnt have Freudian slips but Freudian Niagra Viagra Falls. Then going on to hustle the Sister and her Mom's pockets. A straight up sexual greedy predator. Smdh


  8. JN Just has a vid about the skool zoning. The skool appears to be zoned light manufacturing 26M-1, and this was evidenced in the Proposed Plan of Remedial Action Merkin Auto Spring Site Units 1 & 2, signed 8/1/10. (Look at the proximity of this location to school, 501 Garasches Lane, within 2 miles) This is still showing current on RealtyTrac per JN's video. My question is how far back does the scam go? If this property was zoned light manufacturing since that date, then the Moyer Academy also operated illegally, or unintentionally illegally. I now believe the students had to leave because the previous Moyer administration was possibly forced out by EPA and zoning more so than test scores. Did umar buy the property with the intention to collect a little bit more money, then flip it? Are there still remediation plans for that area? Did any money really change hands? Is K12 just allowing umar to use the premise that there was a purchase for a small cut until the building is torn down or repurposed? Lots of conspiracy theories today. A DE resident, should call the zoning board and confirm definitively what the property is zoned as.

  9. I HATE THIS FREAK. When ANYONE, I mean ANYONE, feel as though Umar has all the answers, they're actually turning to the devil, They're so desperate that they're literally selling themselves out. And still losing the battle. 😡😡😡

  10. This poor lady is putting is getting exploited by Jermaine Shoemake. The woman is sick trying to find help and he trying to put her and her momma to work. smh

  11. Umar Johnson pimps this Black female sickle cell patient who is clearly suffering, claiming he can get her to people who can cure and reverse sickle cell, claims which are 100% illegal. Umar then tries to further reel her in so she can work for him for FREE-prompting one of his fraudulent “only Umar makes money” scams. This disgusting baz.turd, Umar has no concept, knowledge and/or caring about the exhaustion component of sickle cell sufferes which can lead to oxygen deprivation episodes then DEATH. However, Umar wants this sista to take on yet more responsibilities. What a vile predator Umar is!!


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