Yvette Carnell, Cointeltube and Pan African Trashing! #ADOS

i think the Yvette Carnell Ados movement is a right wing, pro Trump agenda.


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  1. You are right! They are redirecting the anger and energy among Black Americans against us Africans. Rather than building and leading by example they are demoralising the Black Americans in my opinion. However I am glad that you are following logic and not the xenophobia against us. I am all for reparations to Black Americans (75%+) specifically and nobody else.

  2. Brother…African kings who said no to Slavery were taken too. The Arabs and the Europeans hunted and killed the Bantu. They burnt villages and farms and Africans fled in the jungle to survive. The slave trade messed up the black race. Europeans came to Africa and got whatever they wanted with their guns. Because they were unhappy about the abolition of slavery, they didn't hesitate to create Colonialism and they returned to Africa with more guns. That's where we are today.

  3. Yvette and Tone are not the be all and end all of the ADOS movement. I have been ADOS before it had a name or was popular. It's funny to me that anyone who isn't a liberal or a Democrat ass kisser is called a bot or a Trump supporter.

  4. I feel similarly. Their agenda does not support what will reconcile the black Afrikan family and black Afrika in general. Our people have been so miseducated that when they hear the "research" and ideology of those who say we are A D O S they fall for it without looking into history. A quick look at the Portuguese first hand documents of their "exploration" of the West African coast proves how they terrorized and deceived Afrikans. King Affonso of the Kongo pleased with the Portuguese to stop fomenting wars in his lands and enslaving his people. His requests were ignored and more ships, cave men, and ammo we're sent.

    They are the modern day civil rights group and we already see how the first movement nearly wiped out there economic development of the black community. Integration with Lucifer is not and will never be the answer.

  5. Great points. I unsubscribed to Her channel awhile ago. I didn't like her views on s lot of things. Her energy just felt evil to me. I like what ADOS could mean. But we have to agree and not alienate each other…which is what is being done. #TANGIBLES2020

  6. All you guys have to do is return to YAHWEH. THIS IS WHY WE AS BLACK PEOPLE ARE IN THESES CURSES. Don't waist your time because nobody will get you out of all these PROBLEMS. Look at the video and see why we as black people are in this land today. . @

  7. The white nationalist (Trump supporters) and the black nationalist (ADOS), have similar agenda; anti immigration. The anti immigration stance it's a manifestation of economic protectionism. The fact that immigrations get a slice of the American pie that is unavailable to many poor white nationalist and Black nationalist. I have experienced personally anti Black sentiment from persons born in Africa. The debate as to who gets reparations is a sticky situation because technically there are whites who are ADOS. So there may have to be more debate on who gets reparations ie have you classified yourself as Black on official government documents going back 10 years/ can you prove Black American lineage from at least 1940's. The reparations debate are going to make people uncomfortable. Black people in general make white people uncomfortable. White supremacy makes us uncomfortable. Jews constantly reminding us of their Holocaust makes me uncomfortable. We can't be afraid to make white people uncomfortable. We can't be afraid to make a case for reparations. We have been afraid to ask for reparations for hundreds of years.


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