Before consciousness raising groups women couldn't speak without being interrupted by men

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  1. And yet, men still think everything we do revolves around them. If I happen to be wearing something that men happen to like, it becomes about them. I apparently wake up and just think about how I can be appealing to men's eyes….

  2. bull shit. women will interrupt a man at barnes and nobles while he is reading a useful book and make his time about her. Women dont have no problems other than the ones they cause for themselves. they actually get to do too much nowdays

  3. Oh the lady in the orange shirt saying she doesnt want to see women adopt agressive male characteristics. This trip through feminism history is a trip!

  4. Once I laid down on a bench in the park waiting for a friend who said she'd turn up late, and as I closed my eyes this dude came along assuming I'd rather talk to him than take a nap…in the middle of a sunny afternoon…after a good 8 hour sleep the night before.

  5. Hence why women's spaces are being eradicated because the male supremacy cult can't allow women to realise they aren't alone in their experiences of being oppressed, abused, raped, and murdered.
    Transwomen, men, are now legally women and legally allowed to enter any space they want or else….


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