(#CrazyConversation) Boys & Pink Things… Should we teach Black Males about #Feminism? (#TheFlyGuys


Crazy Conversations – What’s a Pink Tax? Do we hate women? Will playing with pink things make boys feminists? This discussion is politically incorrect and some-mo-stuff as The Curator connects feminism and self-pleasuring…..Yeah……CrayCray…. Photo of the intelligent, spiritual, and gorgeous activist Bell Hooks.

The writer Alice Walker coined the term womanist in a short story, “Coming Apart”, in 1979. Since Walker’s initial use, the term has evolved to envelop varied, and often opposing interpretations of conceptions such as feminism, men, and blackness. Womanism a form of feminism that emphasizes women’s natural contribution to society (used by some in distinction to the term feminism and its association with white women). Womanism is a social theory based on the history and everyday experiences of black women. It seeks, according to womanist scholar Layli Maparyan, to “restore the balance between people and the environment/nature and reconcil[e] human life with the spiritual dimension”.

#DjSekoVarner does NOT agree with some of the points made by the guests. #DjSeko interviews some the #TheFlyGuysPodcasts members about the concept of Black Feminism, Womanism, and Maat’ism. The Fly Guy Podcast is Practical Consciousness for the Black Conscious Community and OUR Conscious allies. Featuring Dan Tres Omi (@DanTresOmi) from the “Where my killa tape at” podcast, Queen Tessa, and Eddye (Twitter: @Prof_devoce7 & Instagram: uppitynegro_cmajeflat7) from the defunct ‘Lucky & The Mask podcast!

The FlyGuysPodcast is hosted by #DjSekoVarner with a host of special guests, our podcast gives you stuff you need to know with an underlying focus on Melaninated Economics and politics. Join us as we discuss Uplift, Conscious Consumerism, Business activity, Social progress, and Community activism with fellow investors, educators, business people, authors, content creators, and community activists. # 4yearsoffocus. As well, Seko shares content derived from the various community events that he supports, or attends. #DjSekoVarner does NOT agree with some of the points made by the guests. If you want to book #DjSekoVarner for panel discussions, lectures, workshops, and hosting: email SemiConsciousRadio@gmail.com and type “Bookings” on the subject line.

Our special guest Dan Tres Omi is Somewhat an Underwear model, Afro Latino B-boy, host of #WhereMyKillaTapeAt, Pro-Feminist, Hip Hop Diplomat, writer, and Capoeirista. If you want to book him for panel discussions, lectures, workshops, and hosting: email dantresomi@gmail.com and type “Bookings” on the subject line Also if you want to ask for advice use email addy: dantresomi@gmail.com and type “Advice” on the subject line. on the twitters: @dantresomi @omispodcast


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