Face Reading Secrets / Consciousness In Form / Know Yourself & Others – tools for ascension by Wolfg

We are all ” face readers” on a subconscious level. Doing it consciously is much more fun though and a great tool for self discovery, just like understanding body language.

Face regularly reading is used by casting agents, cartoonists and artists to depict certain characters.

I hope you enjoy! Feedback would be awesome!
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Comment (42)

  1. i have a question. does a face-reading change after someone undergoes plastic surgery? does he get a new face reading based on the new facial feature? thank you

  2. If I'm looking at my face to see my female or male aspects, will I be looking at my left/right side from a first person perspective, or the right/left side according to my view in the mirror?  Love the video!!!  I often notice people whose left side of their faces are different, emotionally, from their right side, thought provoking to say the least!

  3. oh boy I bet he is a blast to have at cocktail parties!
    What about the copper bracelets on both wrists?
    I would love to know more about those!
    How can I reach him? I see this appears to be a copy of an original!!
    Thank you.

  4. With more and more youth growing up without face to face social skills; plugged into games, smartphones and social media and not having as much "face" time while growing, has this changed the way their faces form thereby altering face reading?

  5. Hi yes I began reading faces tried it and it works it's all true I wanna Learn how to read more I wanna learn how to read Energy speech patterns real body language can you help me wake up

  6. Great information . Thank you very much. I like the way you connect it to the chakra bodies. I have found has we change our thinking, belief system and perspective mindfully; our energy flow changes and hence our physical appearance. Change is a constant in any universe!

  7. Loved this! Thanks for posting.  I found this to be quite accurate in my own case actually.  Wolfgang is a very calming, soothing orator.  I could listen to him read a phone book and it would be therapeutic, lol!


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