Homemade Alkaline Spelt bread W/M'ster Lewis Dr Sebi Approved


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Dr. Sebi Alkaline food, Electric foods, eat to live, Fasting, Natural healer.


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  1. Just sharing information..I got curviest to know certain things about dr.sebi list especially about agave because I couldn’t understand why my blood will rise up ..my body was rejected but I like maple 🍁 syrup I bought the ph tester and I was shook to know agave was below 0 acidic and maple syrup was high alkaline…I made a video on it to let people know ..don’t take my word for it and get u a ph tester to see for urself plus you got more followers then me so then people could know…

  2. I like this video good sir!!! im on my first Sebi cleanse small cleansing package and im about to make this bread right now ty for sharing… im on day 4 eating nothing but raw fruits, veg, and nuts i need this bread before i go cray cray thanks again

  3. soft jelly coconut* & cinnamon is a hybrid with cyanide! 😣 So crazy huh??? 😮 As far as alkaline water its not natural if it's 9.3 and above?? something like that- natural spring water is best…😥😊 Love u youre awesome:)))

  4. So true,we should definitely support each other brother,it's so great to see young black men doing this with no shame,it makes me want to cry with joy,love you my brother please don't stop😃😃

  5. Its funny you said EBT cause i was thinking what will the governement think when they see us not spending our stamps on JUNK FOOD lol.. Thanks for keeping it 100~Shalom

  6. hey sweety, do you think you could post a list of your ingredients and how much? my phone keeps freezing up and won't play the video. trying to make some bread since my recipe sucked. lol


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