Lord Jamar and Rah Digga hi-light ADOS, and discuss what reparations would look like today

Yanadameen Godcast season 2, segment 2 of 3

In this segment, Lord Jamar and Rah Digga touch on a subject presented by the viewers. They discuss ADOS (American Descendants Of Slavery), and ask what type of reparations would help the black community.

0:00 Today’s mathematics
0:20 Intro
1:35 Lord Jamar let’s vewiers know how they can donate to the show
2:29 Lord Jamar explains his understanding of ADOS
3:09 Rah Digga speaks about her knowledge of ADOS
5:16 Lord Jamar says the ADOS movement may be divisive
7:03 Rah Digga says there are government programs that benefit immigrants, but none that benefit Black Americans
8:46 Rah Digga says there is prejudice within the black community
10:12 Rage says we came close to getting reparations in 2001
11:39 Rah Digga asks what reparations would look like today
12:19 Lord Jamar asks what type of reparations did Holocaust survivors receive
13:45 Rage says we will never receive reparations
14:40 Rage says Germany was tasked with moving Holocaust survivors back to Israel
16:07 Rah Digga says free college education would be a great reparation
18:05 Lord Jamar says, they won’t give free college as a reparation
20:29 Lord Jamar says there’s only a small percentage of black people who are ready to receive reparations
20:44 Rage says Nipsey Hussle was ready, and willing to move forward with the movement
22:24 Rah Digga says everyone needs to take accountability
23:17 Lord Jamar says, if reparations come in the form of money, things would be crazy
24:11 Outro
24:18 Brooklyn’s Black Lady Theater ad

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Comment (36)

  1. I’m feel some kind of way about LJ not being aware on what’s going on. Immigrants and Africans discriminate on #ADOS everyday; and we’ve had enough of being made to feel bad because we want to be our own group too. If you don’t like the movement right now!! Get the fuck outta the way. Ps. All the questions y’all asking can be answered if y’all do some homework. Hit Yvette Carnell or Antonio Moore. Peace. Reparations is not just about checks 💵 this is almost sad to hear

  2. I don’t think y’all realize that you’re going to have to prove you’re a descendant of a slave thru records and white ppl would qualify too which it would be easier for them to prove.. it wasn’t just blacks that were enslaved.. good luck splitting that check 100 million ways

  3. Everyone in our community doesn't have to be producers. No community has the majority of their people producing. We only need 5% of our people producing and the rest can work and consume. That's just how societies work.

  4. The reason why it's for ADOS and not the entire Afro-American continent is simply a matter of logistics and simplification.

    If you do Reparations for all the descendants here on the American Continent it will not only never happen, even if it didn't it would be so convoluted and mismanaged that it would ineffective.

    The best way to do Reparations for the Diaspora is to do it the descendants of the country. That way ADOS gets there's, Jamaicans get theirs, Haitians get there and Brazil and the rest can figure out their complex issues. And for the black immigrants here, it would be easier for them to know how to get their reparations and they won't have the advantage of being to double dip in their country of origin and here in America. That would be unfair because you could go to Haiti and get benefits there and come here and get benefits here. Instead if you want your benefits you can just go to Haiti or the Haitian embassy and figure things out that way.

    Now the resources are more effectively and evenly distributed. Also if ADOS gets ours it will be easier for us to help the Diaspora get there's because we will have the political capital to advocate and we can set up systems to work together.

    But make no mistake, white people fight us the entire way and will sabotage our efforts at every turn. That's why we have to be vigilant, determined, accountable, aggressive and most importantly PRICISE. Everything we do and say has to be specific to the word. That's why I don't agree with the A part of ADOS because they'll use that say it's for every black person in the Americas and now it don't mean nothin because it's targeted or focused and the benefits dissipates like Affirmative Action did. It was supposed to be for us and then everybody got to get it and now black people barely benefit from it. Same with Minority Loans.

  5. Im shocked at the level of ignorance from the god, the whole other countries argument has been explained a million times, Lord Jamar is Guyanese descent no? They should have had informed people on talking about this.

  6. Dr. Martin Luther King said we are coming to get our check I'm with that so let's go ADOS. Dr. Cornell West said it the other day Haiti has a claim with France and the other like Jamaica, DR, Brazil, Bahama's etc, they all have their own perspective claim against there oppressor. We need to work on our own house first, we can't even help our own communities right now, so how in the hell are we going to fight for the Diaspora.

  7. Why have a discussion on something you say y'all don't know anything about?!? Come with that knowledge before you jump on a platform. And don't be a smartass by talking about which America, is ADOS talking about. Stop believing in sh*t and get grounded in the facts. FACTS. #ADOS

  8. I wish ADOS the very best. They deserve to ask for this and much much more. This looks like a game of checkers. Waiting on a move for your win. Persoanally I wont rely on this system for a payout.

  9. The best reparation for black ppl in America would be free education and skills training combined with govt Grant's to open businesses if they can prove that they can put together a sensible business plan. This is not only to do a job for the white man. Many colleges and skill training school graduates have the expertise to start their own businesses. They just need the money. I strongly disagree with just cutting a check to everybody. Most would be in the same position the next day. Sad to say but if u black you know.

  10. I'm sorry but yall did a bit of soft shoeing on this vid and I fuck with yall heavy. But this is a over yall heads. First off stop with the bullshit of people are going to blow there money on stupid materialistic stuff. So what. people already blow their money on dumb shit anyways, and it's actually pretty much inevitable to give a lot of it back because we don't own shit. Some people will blow it and some will build with it. I'm from Detroit and I currently live Columbus and it is a huge market for opportunity here. I ride past old buildings and immediately think what I could do with that I just need the finances. It's plenty of people that think like that, so knock it off. Secondly plz go somewhere else with the free college, fuck college it doesn't work. You go to school to get all of that education, just to get a job that more than likely won't help you progress or provide the resources to build your own business. And shit that's if you're lucky to get a job in your field. You go to get an education to hit the job market and compete with 300 other people for 1 position with a company. Now that is silly. You take the free education, I'll take the money and build something for myself.

  11. Somebody murk these anchor babies. Black immigrants are some useless ass entitled squatters. Get the fuck up out my culture. If this question didnt specify Afro-Americans descent this idiot would have all the right answers.

    Reperations are owed for gentrification, redlining, crack, heroin, loitering laws, autism vacines, school to prision pipeline, mass incareration, flint water crisis, huricane katrina, hookworm in Alabama, sundown towns, mis-managment of affiramtive action, recent black church bombings, police brutality, stop & frisk laws, lead posioning, discrimintory legislation that has decreased the number of Black Farmers and now the weed industry, targeting black neighborhoods for radio active dairy products, discrimation against Black vets after vietnam, Black people still alive whose parents and grandparents were lynched, sprayed with chemicals, migrant workers, sharecroppers, illegally employed, discrimated out of work unions, PTSD therapy, rehabilition post opiod crisis, putting city dumps , toxic waste, & industrial waste near Black communites since the 1970, declaring most Black Communities historic & protected, underfunding HBCUS & Black Schools sancutuary states, etc. etc. etc. etc

  12. Thanks Rah. You held it down unapologetically. Jamar lost a fan and subscriber with his bogus pessimistic psuedo "devil's advocacy". Salute you Digga. FOH Jamar. #ados

  13. Lord Jamar's got me a lil' suspicious. If he did some research, he'd know that the Caribbean people have their own reparations movement that does not include ADOS.

  14. Lord Jamar I must first show respect to you for years of spoken word on the struggle. In saying that one of the points that are made by ADOS is the Decedent Vail of celebrity and how celebrity was used a tool to hinder black politics.

  15. These 2 knee grows here. Not feeling these washed up scrubs at all. Jamar up here sounding like Bernie Sanders. Dude stfu please. And stfu about NCOBRA too.

  16. Jamar peoples are from the Islands not only that someone in his family was the first black state undercover detective. Jamar has strong reactionary and Island roots so dont be surprised when his white supremacist tendencies overpower his God Knowledge God Body Knowledge.

  17. Why is that every other black group is determined to eat Native Black food even before they do but they don't know how to acquire the food. NCobra hasn't accomplished a damn thing and CARICOM does not included ADOS blacks nor does it intend on doing so. We are 38 million strong. We dont need these other people. Either they get down or lay down. We on the move Jamar..

  18. I’m all for tangibles and reparations. But ADOS is extremely xenophobic to black immigrants. Interesting note, the founder of ADOS, Yvette Carnell, sits on the board of a white nationalist front group: PFIR (you can read extensively on its racism from the Southern Poverty Law Center). Another interesting note, Yvette has a white girl. Not that would necessarily matter, but when you couple that with her associations with PFIR, you see that it’s an attempt to divide the black community to fracture the black vote. And Digga, as a black man born of black immigrants, I can assure you that we are NOT “privy” to anything that you aren’t aware of. I grew up in Southside Jamaica, Queens. Don’t act like you didn’t grow up around us and see us struggle as BLACK People right next to ya. Nah, man. Don’t let this f*ck with your head b.

  19. ADOS is a trick to divide and conquer our Black ass. Nerds like Carnel and Moore are stupid smart. Ass kissing the likes of Coulter and other racists by claiming Caribbean Afrikans are mooching off their hard won benefits as if we didn't fight for them too. We are Marcus Malcolm Stokely Chisholm and them. ADOS is a set of ungrateful educated lame bastards. Maligning their blood bros. Keep ur fucking reparations. Stop dissing us. Lets get back to Black unity. Black Jesus. One.


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