No Fap – Spiritual Benefits – Unity Consciousness – Day 55

What happens after 55 days of NoFap & semen retention

Well I can tell you from my experience that the benefits real!

I have noticed many benefits: Confidence increase, energy increase, calmness, attraction, increase in vibration, waking up earlier, cognitive memory increase, more swagger, better luck, updating my life purpose, wanting to serve human beings & becoming the best version of myself.

Spiritually my body, mind & spirit is changing. My Ego is slowly dying.

My question now is…How can I serve humanity ?

I feel the increase of “Unity Consciousness” & the urge of being less judgmental. I am becoming a more understanding human being & spreading unity within my surrounding. My goal is to bring people closer more then pushing them away.

My kundalini is rising & my chakras are moving up to my third eye.

My self validation is stronger & I am less driven to date.

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Much Love


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