The Reason Europeans Erased Africans from History

Historian Robin Walker breaks down the difference between racial and self-esteem in the context of Africans being erased from history:

Excerpt from a video about The Empire of Songhai. Link to full video here:


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  1. wow ! seems like white guilt is a never ending resource for you people ! you didn't have wheel before European came to Africa and you delusional ignorant people think you have Wakanda before White people go there ! this is why Left love you.

  2. Get rekt blacks. Your iq on average is lower than that of the whites. You are weak and helpless all you can do is shed some tears. You are nothing. You even use the things created by whites. Youtube, internet, that camera, microphone etc

  3. No black history was ever erased. There never was any black history. Blacks walked around naked and at roots and grubs until civilized people enlightened them.

  4. 😂 You can't erase black people from history, the first man the Lord created was black!! (Adam!) when you put water and dust together you get a dark color… Not white!!! 😂

  5. I talk about this in my up and coming book "It's Not A Man's World;m: How I Conquered The Sins of my Father" I think you guys would love it. Follow me on IG @Iamltbourne to keep updated on its release

  6. Some of what you stated may be true, however, isn’t it the responsibility of each person, family, society, culture to write their history, from their perspective, honestly?

    Europeans have always done just that, dating back to Ancient Greece, and beyond.

    Afrocentrists to the contrary, before Africa was colonized by Europeans, most African nations south of the Sahara had no system of writing, the sole exception being Ethiopia, which had and has a homegrown syllabary system to write Amharic.

  7. The European colonial era is long gone. Why is there still a blame game going on? And, despite this, why is there still constant flux of immigration to those supposedly evil Western societies? The truth is, third world countries are created by third world people. The people in them are more wired for instant gratification and higher temperament, and the results show in how their countries look and operate (poor, dirty, unsafe, irresponsible, corrupt).

  8. Herodotus wrote of "the ebon skinned and woolen haired invaders" who conquered, colonized and civilized the early inhabitants of Greece. The Black Kemets ruled over what is now most of Greece from 3250 to 1940 BC, imparting not only their knowledge but also their seed to their Greek subjects. Modern Greeks continue to develop sickle cell anemia and bear significant strains of Black African DNA. The later European historians erased all this due to their being unable to accept the fact that a white people had been ruled over by a black people. Ironically, the ancient Greeks accepted as well as honored it!

  9. Black people have done the same to other black people when they vanquished their enemies. Pharaohs of Egypt removed the history of past Pharaohs they conquered. Man's inhumanity to man and their lust for power transcends color.

  10. Why would anyone care about Black history? What have they done? I want to know the history of those who have succeeded. Do I want to know a bums history or Steve Jobs?

  11. I see your point but African hx starts from the Arabian conquest from the north to the south.pacific islander to Australia to Southeast Asia where blacks are still present.we are divided and until we start recognizing each other as the first man and as a ancient people with world wide history and achievements we will never get better

  12. White people R war like not black people. WW1, WW 2 are black people? Colonization carried out by black people? Usury and discrimination practiced by black people? I reject this author's analysis

  13. The "stigma" of the so-called "n"-word is the undoing of the African-American race (i.e., ourselves).

    We, humans; regardless of our race or ethnicity, are ALL guilty of God giving words power/authority that should never have, or we're never meant to have.

    I can go into detail about that so-called "n"-word, but I won't here.

    But, yet, however, what I will say is this: most words — that one in particular — has the power it does, because the very ones of the race who seem to so suddenly be offended by it, apparently, even sub-consciously, identify themselves as such. For, if they did not, that word would not ever matter.

    We tend to give words "power" dependibg upon how we see ourselves in regard to that, or those, words.

    That's all I have to say about that.

  14. We are soft compared to our ancestors. Because they not allow them cave dwellers stay among them. They knew their enemies we're. Black today want be friends and lovers with beast. I wish all the time I lived in the time when our ancestors Ruled this Earth. The black people today don't want let their slave masters children go. I like Dr. Ray Hagin's truth teaching. And Minister Farrakhan's balls. If talk to your unlighten family members and friends about separating and building a Nation or social order and spending with on kind they talk up for more intergration than anything. And wish only be accoiated with only black people who think in terms of a Nation we can call our own with society of black builder's and thinker's.

  15. so…show us where all the monuments and any artifacts of any value might be hiding, cause i dont see any…and if there are, you can bet the arabs built them

  16. I’m Italian and there is NO reason whatsoever to erase anyone’s history especially when we have our own very rich history, the likes of DiVinci, Michaelangelo, Fermi, and so many others.
    I LOVE MY HISTORY ALSO! Wouldn’t want to be anything other than what I am!

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