Lesson 409- A Study of Ancient Egyptian and Hebrew Language- [ pt 1 of 4 ]

**This is a 4-part Lesson** Lesson 409 is My Personal plea to All Afrakan Scholars and Educators in the Diaspora to please Educate on the premise of Right Knowledge, from the Proper Perspective of Our Afrakan Family on The Mother Continent.. both Ancestor and Contemporary. I assert that We **must** progress beyond what the euroarabasian has presented Us about Our Language, Customs, Story and Tradition. The subject matter presented in this Lesson [‘Mtw Ntr’, ‘Hr-m-Ikht’, “Ma’at”, ‘Mut’] is a direct attempt to challenge the paradigmatic errors We present to Ourselves about these mis-teachings.. mis-teachings that will inevitably steer Our Advancement toward a dead end. I look forward to your comments, input and perspectives. Hamba Kahle..


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Comment (4)

  1. Good lecture brother but as long as you continue to refer to yourself as "African" you're just as guilty as these so-called pseudo-scholars you're debunking as there is absolutely no ancient historical reference for the word "Africa".  

  2. Great Series to watch over and over again….this is my second round on each one. Thank you so much. I understood it the first time, now I am working on overstanding and innerstanding.  


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