'Black Nations Are Better Off With White Rulers' -Owen Benjamin | The Brie Larson of Flat Earth

“Statistically Speaking: White People Are Smarter Than Black People” “We’re All Human”  -2019″

“Behind the Curve – How the Controlled Narrative of Flat Earth Works | Post Livestream Thoughts”

“Behind Behind the Curve | When Flat Earth and Other Narrative Controllers Went Mainstream | Netflix”

“Addicted to “Humanity” | The Alchemy Behind Collective Self-Enslavement”

“The FAP Universe | Bio-Spiritual Warfare & The Realm of Creative Intelligence | FAP Earth”

“The Human-Animal Program | How Trivializing Truth & Flat Earth Works | Creative Energies | Sex Magic”

“TrutherTV – The Art of Controlling the Narrative | Trutherisms VS Intentions | Cannon’s Class”


“Modern Conquistadors | The Owen Benjamin Algorithm | YouTube Suppression and Western Society”

“Poaching Consciousness | NWO – New Wetiko Order | Flat Earth & The Dangers of Half Truth”

“Killer Mike & Joe Rogan – ‘Unite the Empires of Humanity Around An Alien Attack’ | Flat Earth”

“How It Works – Operation Mockingbird & The E.T. Alien Disclosure Agenda | NWO | Flat Earth”

“Trigger Warning With Killer Mike | Truthertainment Inc. | Ushering His-Story Into The Future”

“Owen Benjamin and the Psychology of New World Trutherism | Joe Rogan | Alex Jones | Flat Earth”

“G.I. Joe Rogan & The New World Regime Psyche | The DeEvolution of Truth & Consciousness | Flat Earth”

Simulation Truth Syndrome – Inorganic Timelines | NWO – Alien Agenda | Flat Earth | Mandela Effect”

“Stuff The Western Establishment Doesn’t Want You To Know | Instagram Compilations” Playlist

“Truthertainment TV & The NWO VS The Empowered Revolution | A Message to Flat Earth & “Truther’s””

“Theoretical “Facts” & World Power | Flat Earth and the Scientific Method – Theory VS Fact”

“Joe Rogan – The Head Alpha Beta | Gatekeeper Infotainment | Alex Jones Banned | Flat Earth”

“Westworld Decoded | Season 3 SJW Feminism | Simulation Theory | A.I. | Transhumanism | CERN | NWO”

“Virtual Realities, Algorithms & The Machine | The Secret War Within All Movements & Truther Circles”

“Simulation Theory – The Next Agenda | Elon Musk | Neil deGrasse Tyson | David Icke | Joe Rogan”

“What the Wizard REALLY Said – 80 Year Old Mind Control | The Wizard is the Doorman/Gatekeeper”

“Flat Earth & The Mainstream Contingency Programs | How People Keep the Parasitic Matrix Alive”

“This Is America – The Kanye Kardashian Klan | Flat Earth & Manipulation Consciousness”

“Psychophysical Hormone Manipulation | Relationships, Attraction, Mind Control, Flat Earth & Agendas”

“The Evolution of Mind Control – Unseasoned Consciousness | Flat Earth | SJW | Feminism | NWO”

“How “Truth” Becomes Mind Control | Flat Earth | Scientism | MSM | New Age & Conscious Communities”

“The Dangers of Unactivated Truth | A Message to the Flat Earth & Truther Community [Graphic Lang.]”

“The Agenda’s – The Normalization of Emptiness & Chaos | Flat Earth | NWO | CERN | Race | MSM”

“”A Theory of Everything” | Mandela Effect | CERN | Flat Earth | Futurism | Time | [Evil] Free Will”

“”Many Are Taught To Forget Long Before They Learn To Remember” | Flat Earth & Other Hot Distractions”

“How the World is Played by the Fool | Flat Earth | NWO | Alex Jones | CERN | Scientism | Hollywood”

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  1. Probably the only channel on YouTube that actually has a negative subscriber count per upload. Maybe we'll get back to where the subscriber count was a few days ago sometime before the end of the month. Or maybe I'll just upload another video today and see if we can get below 12,900 again.

  2. blue and red blue shift and red shift of the dielectric the source and magnetism. Ying Yang the source dielectric black light and marginal magnetism white incoherent light. Yes blue and red is royal purple blue bloods the Mag the Elohim

  3. We have to destroy these enforced beliefs from the minds of the melanated collective,that are the natural leaders of this world.Their false image of dominance,is heavily dependent in the power of the melanated collective.

  4. joos owned slave ships and southern plantations. Less than 4% of Americans owned slaves every jooish house had slaves. Whites fought to abolish slavery. White's pay 3 billion to joos in taxes every year. Whit's pay for sec8 and welfare for the last 60+ years. Whites are being killed 30 x to 1. There is no laws to protect whites from hate crimes joos make up 2% of America own 70% of wealth. Whites get raped beaten robbed and murdered and are blamed for it bc they're "privilege" who's opressed again

  5. Jay Parker ( a " white " guy ) born from an illuminati family says that they built temples over top of the graves of natives to get their energy from them. Btw, Bree is an alleged tranny

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